New Cards in the Upcoming Witchwood Expansion

A Look at the New Cards Coming With Witchwood

In just a few weeks the newest Hearthstone Expansion “The Witchwood” will be released! 135 exciting new cards will be available to play with and create all sorts of new decks. In addition, there are two new keywords “Echo” and “Rush” being entered into the mix! There will also be four unique heroes to fight new bosses within the new dungeon run, Monster Hunt.

New Keywords


Echo cards can be played multiple times on the turn they are played. It’ll add a ghostly copy of the card back to your hand that disappears at the end of your turn each time it is played.


Minions with the Rush keyword can attack other minions immediately when played or summoned. Unlike Charge, they cannot attack heroes right away.

New Mechanics

The Witchwood Hearthstone expansion also features a new mechanic: “Start of the Game”, which is very exciting. The mechanic works around having only odd or even cost cards in your deck. Shown with two of the new cards announced “Baku the Mooneater” featuring the odd cost effect upgrading your hero power and “Genn Greymane” featuring the even cost effect making your starting hero power cost one mana instead of two.

Changes Coming to Arena

After the changes in 10.4, further changes have come to the Arena. A blogpost stated the following, based on Community requests made over the last few days.

“We agree with the concern that many of you have expressed that there are slightly too many high powered cards appearing in Arena decks. Based on that, we recently implemented two changes to Arena picks via hotfix:

  • Legendary picks now appear less often.
  • Below average picks will now appear more often.

We’re planning to keep a close eye on how these changes affect the Arena experience, so please let us know what you think.”

A Look at the New Cards

Just a few cards have been shown to us so far, but we’ll likely see more during the Witchwood reveal stream. Let’s go over what we know right now!

Black Cat

A very strong card on its own. Close resemblance to the hall-of-fame’s Azure Drake which saw play in nearly every deck in its time. Most likely suited for odd cost control Mage purely based on this card and the large amount of 3/5/7/9 cost cards the deck already plays.

Pumpkin Peasant

While this card isn’t amazing, I do like its flavor text and I look forward to the other cards printed alongside it. The card by itself will likely see play in arena decks and has quite a bit of synergy with card-buff effects.

Murkspark Eel

This card on its own is going to be very strong for the Shaman class, but its playability will depend on how strong the even-odd theme decks will end up being.

Militia Commander

The first card shown with the new Rush keyword. I’m a huge fan of the design and the card itself. Its use to trade into other four and even five mana cards efficiently make it a perfect fit for both control and mid-range Warrior decks and open up all kinds of experiments while not making aggro decks stronger.

Phantom Militia

Our first glance at the Echo Keyword, this card is just outright bad for constructed, but has some potential for arena. While I’m not excited for this card, I do look forward to other cards with the Echo keyword as it has a lot of ways to influence the game positively!

Glitter Moth

Cards like this are very interesting. Its effect is similar but more powerful than divine spirit. Due to its mana cost, however, it is far less flexible in use.

Gloom Stag

On paper, this card has the potential to be incredible! This card might just be what a taunt-druid deck was looking for, though losing cards like Ultimate Infestation, Wrath, Swipe and Wild Growth might just make it inferior to other druid archetypes.

Azalina Soulthief

This card looks incredibly bad at first glance, but might actually have some playability in pure aggressive decks to regain some cards and make the final push.

Baku the Mooneater

I love cards like this, I think of it similarly to Reno Jackson, that create archetypes on their own. Expect to see a lot of people play around with him on release!

Genn Greymane

My thoughts on Genn are the same as on Baku, a very powerful archetype creating cards which viability relies on what other cards will be printed to support them respectively. Looking forward to playing around a lot with these.

Pre-Purchase Deal!

Just like with the Kobolds and Catacombs Blizzard is doing another pre-purchase deal but this time you’ll get 70 packs instead of 50 for the same price! You can find the option to pre-purchase in the client or on the website. Pre-purchase still will not be available on mobile.

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