NRG Recruitment Winner!

Gamer Sensei is thrilled to announce that our Sensei, Manny ‘dude7597’ Eckert, has been selected as the newest member of the NRG professional Hearthstone team! He joins current pros Amaz and Amnesiac as the third member of NRG’s roster.

dude7597 earned his spot on NRG after a strong performance in tough competition against nine other top Sensei. Gamer Sensei first identified these pros through their excellent coaching, which earned each an invitation to battle it out across two livestreamed exhibition matches. These games showcased their skills for judge Amnesiac, who chose the eventual winner. While dude7597 was selected to join NRG, each of the entrants made epic plays during the competition! In case you missed it live, you can watch the latest matches here:

Match 1 – Dethelor vs. Astrogation: click here
Match 2 – dude7597 vs. LBYS: click here
Match 3 – FKISHadow vs. HotMEOWTH: click here
Match 4 – DeathstarV3 vs. rduong1535: click here
Match 5 – Impact vs. Rosty: click here

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Ready to make your own epic plays? You can book any or all these pros for a lessons now!

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Amnesiac (NRG eSports) – Book A Lesson Here
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Gamer Sensei wants to extend a heartfelt congratulations and thanks to our entire Sensei community. In just under a year, we’ve created the best place around to showcase talent, earn money for your skills, and capture the attention of eSports biggest teams! We look forward to hosting more recruiting qualifiers for our Sensei – so get ready! You could be next pro to earn your roster slot through Gamer Sensei!