PAX East 2017: The Gamer Sensei Recap!

Our favorite pics and a few words from this year’s fun at PAX East in Boston!


PAX East 2017 happened to be in our neck of the woods, so last weekend the Gamer Sensei team made the trek through snowy conditions down to the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center! We met a bunch of you at our booth near Newegg, and got to show off some pro coaching from Shifty and Miracle of Overwatch! Meanwhile, numerous Sensei competed in the ONOG Hearthstone Major, with RayC taking home the first place prize!

It all started on a frigid Friday… Here are some of our favorite pics from the event, plus quick quotes from a few of our employees and Sensei who attended!

Outside GS Offices

Outside GS Offices2

Chase Huber, Head of Business Development
Honestly, I loved meeting our coaches! They were really cool, and just good people. I’m so proud they work with Gamer Sensei! I loved watching the Overwatch Sensei stream with crowds around them; and in Hearthstone, Astrogation and Dethelor were great to talk to!



Rohan Gopaldas, co-founder and CEO
I loved the energy and enthusiasm of the PAX attendees. It was so much fun to see our Sensei coaching on stage, and how encouraging and professional they are!

OW Coaching1

Sydney ‘Miracle’ Juranich, Overwatch Sensei
I was really hyped to be able to coach gamers in front of such a huge audience! It was intimidating at first but to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with so many willing people was such a fulfilling experience.

OW Coaching2

Jiapeng Ji, co-founder and CTO
My favorite experience was seeing gamers on the Intel stage high five-ing each other when our Sensei were able to coach them to close victories! I’m highly anticipating the next Hearthstone expansion – Journey to Un’Goro. I think the quest based cards are going to add a whole new dimension to the game.

Astro w Eloise

Ray ‘Astrogation’ Zhou, Hearthstone pro & Sensei
I played in the ONOG Hearthstone Major and tried GFUEL for the first time. Had a blast with Orange and Eloise! The Rumblemonkey booth was really cool!

OW Coaching3

Meaghan Glynn, User Experience Designer
My favorite experience was getting to watch Shifty and Miracle coach Overwatch, while engaging with their fans. Everyone was so enthusiastic about supporting the coaches and helping pro gamers make a living!

Bonus Pic

Editor’s Note: Geralt of Witcher fame kept us all safe from foul creatures… I think our company co-founder William was a bit starstruck!

Can’t wait to see you all at the next event! Tweet us your favorite pictures @GamerSenseiApp and we’ll retweet and feature them as well!

-The Gamer Sensei Team