Perspective in PUBG: First vs Third Person Servers

It’s all a matter of your viewpoint! Are you a First-Person Perspective (FPP) or Third Person Perspective (3PP) player in PUBG, or still trying to decide? In truth, both these modes have pros and cons. There are unique aspects to each, so read on for a brief explanation!

First-Person Perspective

You’ll notice that a majority of top-tier players and streamers, like Shroud, Summit1G, and JoshOG, tend to play on first-person perspective servers. Are they really that much better than third-person perspective? Playing from a first-person viewpoint offers a tactical and intense experience, plus the game feels more realistic! This mode emphasizes positioning and skilled shooting. Without the 360-degree view, it’s much harder to spot people flanking you!


When you’re in firefights, everything feels much more intense. You can’t just hold ALT and swivel to spot your enemies while healing. It’s much more important to be aware of positioning and cover! This is really an augmentation of the combat in the game; it adds an extra layer of depth and interaction to play. Gunfire can come from any direction and you often won’t know where! Many players enjoy the thrill of battle and the chaos that the restricted viewpoint of FPP brings.

pubg fpp viewpoint

Looting in first person is a bit different, since you really have to look around. You can’t easily see into other rooms, or even see all the loot in the same room. The result is that you’re slightly slower when looting, especially in places like the warehouses that you could run through on 3PP. It’s not a drastic change to gameplay, but it should make you think twice about how fast you can loot that “one last building before we leave.”

Weather (FPP)

Weather plays a large role in FPP servers. In first person it’s much tougher to spot players, especially under tough weather conditions like rain or fog. In fact, I would even say the fog map is the best experience in PUBG – but only in FPP. Being able to see just a few dozen meters in front of you, only making out vague shadows, wondering if they’re bushes or players, is a concept straight out of a horror movie. The rain plays almost as well, but given that you can’t hear as well and your field of view is much more narrow, you might question whether the “footsteps” you heard were ambient sounds or another player!


Driving is possibly the most infuriating aspect to players who are new to the first-person viewpoint. Many players find themselves with motion sickness when playing on FPP servers for the first time: now add in driving or being a passenger? It gets rough. Let’s begin with the driver, who, unless they’re driving a motorcycle, is staring at some form of a dashboard or sun visor.

driving 3pp fpp

Flipping the vehicle is a real danger! It’s sickening: you can’t decipher your orientation, speed, rotation… you just want to see straight again! Your panic will get the best of you the first few times: you’ll jump out of the vehicle and then promptly die. Suppress the urge to panic. Remind yourself that you’re the boss, take a breath, and check your minimap for a little information about how you’re currently moving.

Wrapping up FPP, note that as a passenger it’s much harder to determine where you’re being shot from – and it’s more difficult to fire back. With that in mind, if your driver is almost dead, move around the car to take some bullets for the driver. That way you can both (hopefully) make it out alive. If you’re near death, avoid some damage by holding left-CTRL and hitting 2-3-4-5 to swap between the seats. And if you know the direction you’re taking fire from, try shooting back as a form of suppressing fire. This holds true for both FPP and 3PP so when you get in a vehicle, keep it in mind.  

Third Person Perspective

Third-person perspective shooters have recently made a resurgence, as they’re very popular in the Tom Clancy series of games. The 3PP servers are where many players start their PUBG careers! Whether playing solo or with friends, there’s good appeal to playing from a third-person viewpoint. When hopping into a third person server you can look forward to a few things: shoulder fire, cheater peeks, 360-degree vision, a slightly worse weather experience, and better driving.

3rd person servers


When you hear people refer to “shoulder fire,” it means holding the right mouse button so you’re not aiming down the sights. This is sort of a halfway point between ADS and hip-firing. In third-person you also get the ability to use the “cheater peek”, which is where you can look over or around walls, buildings, and other obstacles just by moving your camera. This can be achieved by holding the ALT key and moving your mouse.

Many players believe that given everyone can do this, it’s not really an advantage. Of course, it’s all about knowing how to use it! For example, when you’re holding a corner with an enemy nearby. All you need to do is poke out and shoot, leaving them unable to spot you until too late. This ties into the 360-degree vision you get with the ALT key in third-person servers.

While hiding behind cover, you can continue to move around and use ALT to look all around you. This gives you the ability to spot players who may be lurking behind you or on your flank. When under fire, this is essential to quickly determine where shots are coming from. Spotting players isn’t the only advantage here! You can position yourself at major crossroads to have an easier time finding vehicles.

pubg 3pp perspective


Now on to driving and being a passenger in 3PP. The overhead driving viewpoint makes it much easier to avoid driving over devastating terrain.  Position your camera properly and hazards are a thing of the past! The third-person perspective also offers passengers an easier way to determine where shots are coming from and return fire. It’s much better than FPP for shooting at anyone that isn’t in a moving vehicle alongside you.

Conclusion: Our Perspective

Looking at the two game modes, both have interesting firefight mechanics and positioning strategies. There are pros and cons to each, but which is better? Neither. The reality is that you can play what you enjoy! If you want more vision and weather doesn’t hold any appeal, then choose the 3PP servers. If you enjoy tactical gameplay, first-person perspective makes the most sense. It introduces weather that challenges visibility and requires keeping your head on a swivel! No matter what server you choose, you’ll be up against some pretty tough competition when you’re new. Don’t get frustrated: it’s a learning experience!

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