How to Pick the Perfect PUBG Mouse Sensitivity

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There’s one question that I hear constantly from my students: “What’s the right sensitivity to use?” Surprisingly, there both is – and isn’t – a right answer! Ultimately, you’ve got to use whatever you’re comfortable with, but that comes with a few caveats. PUBG requires tons of mouse movement to scan for (and shoot) enemies, so you need to comfortably make 180-degree turns while also firing accurately at long range! It can be a challenge to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but that’s why we’re here… Let’s dive into the details and discover your ideal PUBG mouse sensitivity!

Mastering the Mouse: Sensitivity Basics

First off, what are we shooting for? A general rule of thumb is that moving your mouse all the way across your mousepad should rotate you somewhere between 180 and 270 degrees. The reason is that you should (theoretically) never need to turn further in a single movement. After all, the enemy is never farther away than directly behind you! Extending that to 270 degrees means that you don’t have to make a full sweep to check your rear. This is something that takes a little time to dial in… You can do this on the starter island while waiting for your match to start. Alternatively, land in a quiet area to test how far a side-to-side sweep will take you. Make sure to give yourself a few games to acclimate to the new settings!

Now for what you shouldn’t be doing… One example is making huge 720-degree turns with each swipe of your mouse! In no scenario will you ever need to do an instantaneous 360-degree spin during a firefight… And if your sensitivity is that high, it actually makes it much more difficult to aim accurately! Think about this: the greater your sensitivity, the more pixels you’re moving with the same amount of movement. At very high settings, your mouse will even ‘leap’ across several pixels at once! By contrast, the lower your sensitivity, the smoother your mouse movements… and the better your chances of putting your crosshairs on the enemy.

Check All Your Options!

So how do we find the perfect sensitivity? Well, it’s a combination of a few different settings depending on your computer. For instance, Windows has its own sensitivity that defaults to a midpoint of 6/11. It’s best to just leave it there, but you should make sure that the ‘Enhanced Pointer Precision box’ is not checked. This enables an option called “mouse acceleration,” and it’s very bad. Mouse acceleration adjusts how far your cursor travels based on the speed with which you move your mouse – more speed, more distance. Acceleration is the enemy of consistency… You can’t possibly move your mouse at the same speed every time you touch it, particularly in panicked or stressful situations!

pubg aim mouse acceleration

So your Windows settings are the first thing that can impact sensitivity… The second is software that comes with your mouse! Most modern mice have software from their manufacturers that allows for the customization of buttons, polling rate, and DPI. However, it’s really only DPI that we’re interested in. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and is a measure of the number of pixels the mouse will move when touched – higher number means a higher sensitivity. Changing a mouse’s DPI will affect it outside of the game as well, so make sure you can comfortably navigate your desktop still!

pubg mouse sensitivity

Although most mice can reach ridiculously high DPI, a higher number isn’t necessarily better – it’s just a marketing tool to sound more impressive. Imagine we’re looking at the scale in the above image and we want to land a well-aimed shot. If we’re using a 1600 DPI mouse (like the far left), we’ll find that it’s way too sensitive. However, if we had a 400 DPI mouse (far right), the increments are smaller – four times less, as a matter of fact! That means a lot more wiggle room to find your perfect sensitivity.

Getting Better? Dial It In…

The third major factor that affects your aim is the in-game settings. In PUBG, you can set your base sensitivity via a 1 – 100 scale. The default setting is 50, but you can adjust this for a few different situations… And you’ll want to, due to the way the engine works! As you magnify your vision in PUBG (for example, through various sights or scopes), your sensitivity is not adjusted to compensate. That means if you’re aiming through a 15x scope without changing these settings, it’s going to be incredibly tough!

pubg aim too sensitive

Another reason that low DPI is your friend: extra room to adjust your settings! If I can spin my character around at 400 DPI and 50 sensitivity, that’s fine as I’m around the middle of the scale. If I need to either increase or decrease the sensitivity, it’s very easy to do so. Now on the other hand, if I set my mouse to 1600 DPI then I’ll have to quarter the in-game value to 13.5. Now we have a problem… Not only am I stuck choosing between 13 and 14, but I only have 12 more steps before I hit zero on the scale! That really limits my options for lowering my sensitivity in the future.

Wrapping Up: Set For Success!

As basic as it might seem, mouse sensitivity is one of the most important settings to master! To summarize our key points:

  • Lower your DPI as much as you comfortably can. 400 and 800 are the most popular values!
  • Find your ideal sensitivity by doing a side-to-side sweep of your mousepad, adjusting the in-game settings until a full sweep takes you around 235 degrees.
  • Use the starter island to do your sweeps if you don’t want to lose any match time – it’s not like you’re doing anything productive while you wait!
  • Try to find a sensitivity where you’re able to consistently perform 180 degree turns, without sacrificing pixel-perfect aim.

That should help you find your perfect aim config!

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