Top Picks for 8.15

Top Picks for Patch 8.15

Hello, Summoners! In case you’ve been wondering what the picks are in 8.15, we have sourced information from pro and high elo players on what you should be choosing to grind the solo queue ladder.

Top Lane

We have a lot of diversity in the top lane this meta.


Poppy is a champion we see a lot of recently due to her tankiness and her ability to control the team fights with her kit. Her cooldown on Hammer Shock (Q) decreased and its attack damage ratio increased in 8.12 so she’s being played much more in this patch.


Aatrox is still a top tier pick even though his kit was reworked the last patch, we see his scaling into the late game and his snowball potential in the early game not being able to be underestimated as he can not be easily countered. Make sure to ban out Fiora as she’s the only hard counter to Aatrox.


Quinn was on the rise the last patch and this patch the nerfs didn’t stop her from being a solid pick for solo queue because of her kit and her ability to move around the map quickly once she hits level 6. She also has very decent laning phase with a lot of kill pressure on her opponents, she can assassinate well with her phase rush or electrocute proc.


Gragas is simply doing well in the toplane because of his ability to disengage or engage during team fights as well as his tankiness and high base damage in his kit. He can be quite oppressive in lane with his low cooldowns and he’s hard to punish because of his passive which makes him a low risk and high reward champion.


Jungle follows a similar path to the previous patch whereas we see the likes of duelling and high target damage champions making an appearance.


Kindred has seen some nerfs this patch but they’re still a viable pick due to their remotely fast jungle clear and her great gank setup. Once kindred gets ahead it’s near impossible to stop the snowball with the ability to contest every stack and her great scaling, she becomes a secondary adc. The ultimate is also great against heavy engage compositions and assassins.


Taliyah is still the queen of the jungle because she can easily contest the scuttle crab

due to her high damage in the early game. Her kit is great for ganks and her ultimate can be used to change how team fights go because she can get picks easily. has a healthy clear and the fact she has a global ultimate makes her an extremely scary jungler. The champion is just good overall in all stages of the game. Her passive allows her to move quickly around the map, meaning she can be everywhere at all times making her a top tier pick for solo queue.


Sejuani is one of the best picks for the team compositions in solo queue that require an engage tank. Her crowd-controlling ability enables her to lock down high priority targets to turn the tides of a team fight. She’s not always as fun as other damage junglers, if you’re looking for a tank to fit with your composition I would recommend Gragas. His kit is one of the best for outplays and engages or ganks while with Sejuani, it can be a bit more difficult to gank with. You can also choose to build AP Gragas instead of a tank if your team is lacking AP damage. Gragas just has a lot more flexibility in his kit and as a champion.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin This blind monk got a bit of riot’s love this patch with the buffs to his Sonic Wave. Now that this ability deals up to 100% increased damage based on targets missing health it aids him to fit in the meta of dueling in the jungle. He is not an effective pick unless he is part of your comfortable champion pool as he requires aggression and confidence in the early game to snowball it out.


Camille has a strong dueling potential because of her Hookshot and her ability to make great use of press the attack. She can lock a target down with her Hookshot and her Hextech Ultimatum on high priority targets. She has a decent clear in the jungle and because of her aggression, she is able to snowball fairly well. She’s one of the best junglers out there.


Nocturne is still the king of the jungle since his clear is healthy and has the ability to contest crabs early game. Once he hits level 6 its showtime, he can assassinate targets really easily with his incredibly high base damage with his Q and ult. The follow-up CC from his E makes it near impossible to survive. Make sure to ban Kindred if you are playing Nocturne because Kindred can easily use their ultimate ability to counter Nocturne engage.

Mid lane

In the mid lane, we see a lot of ability power heavy mages being picked.


Zoe has been going strong for so many patches now due to her ability to assassinate targets from a distance. Her empowered auto is very strong for dueling in the mid lane.


Fizz got heavily buffed this patch. The AP ratio on his Seastone Trident (W) and his Chum the Waters (R) makes him a perfect pick for solo queue since he can counter most assassins and he can get many picks by roaming.


Orianna has everything you need in her kit to dominate the game. She has good wave clear and her ultimate is usually game-changing. She can also peel for high priority targets in her team with her Command: Protect (E).


Yasuo power-spikes with two items which enables him to make plays throughout the map. If played around, he can combinate his ultimate with his teammates. Also, he can go to a side lane and become a threat dueling his dueling potential.


Ryze is one of the best scaling champions in the mid lane. Once he stacks tear of the goddess and get Seraph’s Embrace he is a force to be reckoned with. Also, he can roam easily around the map or disengage because of his ultimate ability.

Bot lane


Xayah is a top tier pick in the bottom lane right now. She does extremely well with Rakan. She can self-peel with her ultimate and her feathers. Once she gets three items she becomes a serious threat.


Varus fits into every team composition which makes him a good pick for solo queue. He has a lot of utility in his kit due to his Chain of Corruption (R) lockdown and his slow on Hail of Arrows (E).


Kai’sa is still going strong ever since her release but now that the marksman itemization changed, things seem to be in her favor. Stormraisor into Guinsoo’s gives her an amazing spike.


Ranged supports seem to be a better option now that you can not buy three pots in the beginning of the game.


Pyke is one of the most contested picks in solo queue. He’s really strong with his Bone Skewer ability in lane. Once he gets mobility boots, he can roam around the map and make plays because of his invisibility.


Morgana has a decent kit for playing solo queue. She can lock people down with her Dark Binding (Q), aid to push the wave and poke the opponent with her (W) and peel for her allies or herself with her Black Shield (E). Her ultimate is great for 2v2 skirmishes and team fights.


Rakan is back on the rift on this patch. He’s one of the best engaging supports that synergizes with most marksmen. He can easily lock people down with his Grand Entrance (W) and The Quickness (R).

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