PUBG Playstyles: Aggressive vs. Passive Gaming

Playstyles of PUBG – How Do You Slay?

When you’re new to PUBG, you pretty much have no idea what you’re doing. The most common experiences? Walk into a building. Bang. Dead. Walk across a field. Bang. Dead. Sit perfectly still in a bush. Bang. Dead. Once you have some experience, you can start discovering your preferred playstyle. Some people like to run in, guns blazing. Others tend to be more cautious and reserved. The beauty of a game like PUBG is that there is no ‘correct’ way to play. You can take on the game however you like!

At the same time, experience makes a pretty significant difference in PUBG. For example, 200 hours in-game is a massive advantage against someone with just 20! Erangel rewards those who soak up information and practice their shots. With that in mind, let’s take a look at passive and aggressive playstyles – which do you find yourself tending towards?

Passive Play – Basics

Hiding, lurking, stalking, camping, crawling, landing in unpopulated areas… These are all variants of passive play! They don’t advance your game state, but they don’t really put you in danger either. Despite the fact that you aren’t likely to find great loot, it’s a solid strategy… You don’t need kills to claim that tasty chicken dinner; you just need to position yourself well, hide in a good spot, and pick off the last player or two. This is a great approach for newer players who don’t have the best aim, as well as seasoned players who just want to reliably feel the thrill of the win. One advantage to passive play is that you can just sit back, locate other combatants, and pick them off once they’re knocked down or while looting. Jerks (like myself) will do this all day every day! It might be “dishonorable,” but you wind up with the loot from multiple enemies without taking the same risks. I’m not here to tell you how to be a nice guy – I’m here to help you win your match!

Passive Play – Tips

If you’re headed for the bushes, you should know how to camouflage yourself. Start with clothing: put on that camo jacket, black shirt, balaclava – really, anything that will hide your character’s skin. Aside from your weapon or backpack, skin color is the most likely thing to give away your position. Try to be aware if your gun is protruding from cover, and reposition if so! When you’re “snaking,” a level one backpack has the best color scheme for hiding in wheat. Meanwhile, the dark green level two backpack is perfect for hiding in tall grass. These tips are doubly true on fog and rain maps, where it’s much harder to spot players. The best concealed are often the ones who emerge victorious. Passive play means you’ve got to “know when to hold’em / know when to fold’em / know when to walk away / and know when to run!”

pubg playstyles

You need to master when to attack, when to hide, when to make a getaway, and when to flank. These are key aspects of PUBG in general, and they’re especially important to passive playstyles!

Aggressive Play – Basics

Are you drawn to the siren song of gunfire? Are you looking to fight as soon as you spot players or hear a vehicle? Do you frequently try to rush enemies? Welcome to aggressive playstyles! If you like to drop in places like School, Pochinki, or Military Base, you’re not in the wrong! They offer fantastic loot, and are considered “high population” areas. If you’re trying to find the best loot, you want to find other players… You can loot faster through their corpses! For example, say your squad lands near an enemy squad – what’s your course of action? Wait for them to get out of the main building? Make a getaway? No! This is the time to find a gun and be brave: kill all four foes and your squad gets ALL THE LOOT! And if you die, you can always just queue again!

Aggressive Play – Tips

Aggressive play is tough to master, because you’re constantly giving the enemy information about your location! You’ll need to keep an eye on your surroundings and move constantly… As an aggressive player, you want those kills! The advantage here is simplicity, since you want to murder anyone you come across. Shoot, loot, heal, repeat. The aggressive playstyle is highly demanding: you need raw skills and to abandon half your fight-or-flight instinct! In short, you want to run out and embarrass your opponents. Give them a clear shot to kill you – but kill them first! You need to know how to control recoil and get familiar with weapons and attachments (check this article on the best guns in PUBG). Chase down the air drops, and you’ll either wind up dead or with the best loot in the game. Trust me: it pays to kill in PUBG, but you need to be smart about who and how!

pubg aggressive vs passive

The Takeaway

Passive and aggressive playstyles are very different experiences of the game… But remember, you’re unlikely to win with either a purely passive or purely aggressive approach! It’s all about finding the balance that suits you and the situation at hand. If you don’t care about having an AWM, you shouldn’t worry about the crates – but maybe you hide nearby to pick off players who are going for them. You might have 12 kills, but hiding in that bush for a squad to pass by is probably a better idea than just running out solo! As mentioned, it’s about finding a balance in how you play, earn your wins, and increase your skills.

No matter your playstyle, keep these final few tips in mind!

  • Check bushes, not just trees and rocks.
  • Know when to take the shot and when to hold fire.
  • Secure your looting area.
  • Shoot. Loot. Heal. Repeat.
  • Play smart, play safe.
  • And find your perfect balance of aggressive / passive playstyles!

With all this information, you’re ready to go explore Erangel! Want to ‘git gud’ and dominate with your friends? Take a look at my article on squad tactics!

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