PUBG Squad Tactics: Become Masters of Erangel!

Learn PUBG squad tactics & dominate the competition!

You might find solos and duos too easy, but teamplay is a whole different animal! Let’s go over a few things that you can do to get those sweet chicken dinners more frequently. It might be too much to take in right away, but once you get these squad tactics down you’ll mesh with your teammates a whole lot better.

Squad Tip #1 – Talk!

Most squads don’t talk enough. Everyone enjoys some light-hearted banter, but things get tense during a firefight! When around buildings, you’ll want to keep quieter aside from a few key phrases, so you can listen for footsteps. What information is most relevant while you’re fighting? Here are the crucial things to relate to your team:

  • Enemy locations. Communicate in degrees or landmarks. Use the compass at the top of your screen!
  • Shots hit, especially downs and kills. Channel the Doc: “DEAD.”
  • When you’re reloading, using healing, or down.

pubg squad tactics tips

These are the things you want your team to know. Nobody needs to hear how you almost killed a guy while there’s still a fight raging. Even worse is shouting that someone is “there” or “around the corner.” It’s not helpful information – try something more like “the guy behind the orange tree at 160° is hurt and pinned down.” You also want to know who needs meds or ammo, who doesn’t have a decent scope, etc… Communication is one of the most important squad tactics. You’ve got to talk if you want to win!

Squad Tip #2 – Position!

How often do you encounter a full squad holding the same angle? All huddled around the same vehicle or rock or building? That’s a mistake – a HUGE one. You should try to move in duos within your squad, so you can rely on the buddy system. At the same time, you want to keep your squad relatively close so that you can provide covering fire. To generalize, the ideal setup is to have two players in the center and then one on each flank so that you can defend three different angles. The two guys in the center can turn to help their flanking teammates, and the guys on the side can harass enemies that are looking for cover.

pubg win squads

It’s good to have a dedicated ‘flanker,’ preferably with a silencer on their SMG or rifle. When they start moving in to flank, have the other three squadmates rain hellfire on the foe. This will force the opponents to take cover, pick up downed teammates, and start to heal… While their guns are holstered and they’re regrouping – BOOM! – the flanker comes in and destroys them. In squads, it’s especially important to rotate where you’re shooting from. Don’t stay at the same tree too long! After you’ve hit someone a few times and they back off to heal, change your cover and location to confuse the foe.

Squad Tip #3 – Coordinate!

Another of the most advanced squad tactics! If you’re taking PUBG seriously, you should pre-designate roles for players on your team. You will want to know who is best with what guns. In my case, I love the M416 and the Mini14. I’m very good with both of those guns, and my squadmates know it – so they prioritize giving those to me! I know which teammates I trust with a Kar98K, and I make sure they get it if I find one. You’ll want to figure out who your squad’s best sniper is and kit them out as soon as possible… And don’t forget to find them the perfect scope, so they’re performing at the top of their game! In squads, it’s less about your own skills and more about your team as a whole. After that you’ll want to make sure people have the attachments they need, not necessarily the ones they have. If you love the AR suppressor and I’m more a fan of the compensator, I’ll make that swap so we both get the guns we want. Do you prefer the angled foregrip over vertical? Let me keep an eye out for you!

pubg sniper tips

Squad Tip #4 – Loot for the team!

You should always be checking what your squad needs: helmets, armor, bags, attachments, ammo, meds and grenades! It’s easy to forget that you should be looting for the team, not just for yourself. Ask what your allies need and help them out! If you don’t know what to prioritize, pick up any high-value items and ask if anyone needs them when you’re grouped up. This way, your team has doesn’t have to back-loot and waste time if someone wants that 4x scope!

One of the best tips is to drop any items your teammate needs inside a building right by the entrance. Just call out which structure the items are in and your buddy can quickly duck inside. The idea is to save time and safely transfer items… But if they need something like armor, a helmet, or a bag, they’ll need to quickly head for the location to grab it. Keeping everyone safely armored should be a priority, as level 2 protection is vastly superior to level 1! The extra one or two shots it takes to kill could easily make the difference in a firefight.

Master these squad tactics, and don’t panic!

These are some quick and easy tips that will help you take down the competition! You might not remember all of them when playing squads the first few times, but they’re good habits to develop. Want to dominate even harder? Start your PUBG match off right with my five suggestions here!