PUBG Terms to Know: Jargon-busting the Battlegrounds!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds drops you into its world without even a hint of a tutorial. The closest you can get is checking out the settings and hoping they provide a key to game mechanics but by and large they don’t. Getting thrown onto a giant murder island can be a bit upsetting at the best of times. Not knowing what anything does while you’re there makes it worse. Here you can find the most important pubg terms and a few key settings that will help you improve.

PUBG Terms Explained

Bullet Drop

The first of the key pubg terms is bullet drop. PUBG features physics-based gunplay much like the Battlefield series of games. Put simply, the bullets are real and tangible objects in the world of PUBG that factor in speed (muzzle velocity) and distance.

When you’re making longer shots (300m or so) you’ll see your bullets falling short of where you’re aiming. This will create a frustrating dust cloud below your target. This happens because your bullet is dropping too fast due to gravity to reach its target. But don’t worry, there are ways to counter this tendency, such as…


At the bottom of just about every sight and scope you’ll see ‘zeroed to 100m.’ Even more confusing, there are settings to increase and decrease your zeroing distance. So what setting is desirable? How far is 400 metres?

pubg terms zeroing

What “zeroing” means is that your sight is going to align with your bullet trajectory at the given distance. It defaults to 100m on most weapons, so if you’re shooting at something up to 100 meters away, the bullet is going to hit (more or less) right in the centre of your crosshair. Change your zeroing to 200m and shooting at the centre of your crosshair will hit anything 200 meters away.

The good news is that you never need to change this setting if you don’t want to! A “quick and dirty fix” is to simply manually correct for distance by aiming slightly above your target at longer ranges. The chaos of PUBG games often means you don’t have time to be fiddling about with zeroing, so this is the preferred method for a lot of players. However, with time and practice you can intuitively guess how far away you are from your target, and a couple of quick taps of your ‘increase zeroing’ key will mean you always have your enemy dead-centre!

Know the Map Scale

Not essentially one of our key pubg terms but just good to note, take a look at the map. See that grid system it’s useful orienteering yourself and can help you get some kills.

Zoom out and you’ll clearly see the yellow lines of division on the map. Each one of those squares indicates 1000 meters (one kilometer) on the map. Zoom in and you’ll see smaller white squares of division: these indicate 100 meters on the map. Combine this with your knowledge of zeroing from the previous section and you have an almost “scientific” way of determining how far away an enemy is, and how best to engage them.

pubg terms map scale

While this method is more exact than just looking and guessing, it also takes a great deal more time. It just comes down to a question of whether or not its worth the risk of taking that time.

Item Quantity Control

You’ll find this unassuming option in the key binds section of the settings menu. It looks minor, but it’s actually incredibly useful! Hold down this key while dragging items in or out of your inventory to get a prompt of how many of that item you want to move.

pubg terms item quantity

This is vital in duos or squads where resources need to be shared between the group, so binding this to something that’s easy to access is a good idea.

Mute Game Sound (Ctrl+M)

Give your ears a rest – hit this default bind at the start of matches. This will mute all game sound until you’re mentally prepared for gunshots, explosions, random shouting, and the deafening roar of the airplane.

To restore your sound just press Ctrl+M again (I recommend after you’ve pulled your chute and the sound levels return to a reasonable volume).


A tickbox option that appears when you select the duo or squad play modes. Unticking this box turns off the matchmaking feature of the game, and lets you enter the above modes with fewer players than are usually required. This is a big help if you only have two friends online and don’t want to risk the “stranger-danger” of a partner you’ve never met.

pubg terms auto matching

Or if you want to test your mettle, you can enter a squad game solo and go for a chicken dinner on hard mode!

Inventory Screen Character Render

This is an On/Off option in the gameplay settings, and something you should turn off. This setting renders your character when you’re in the inventory screen – something that really isn’t important unless you want a good look at the miniskirt you just picked up.

pubg terms inventory

This not only means less distraction on your inventory screen, but it can also free up a huge chunk of your FPS! Instead of the game rendering your real-time character model, it can just paint a svelte silhouette.

Equipment / Weapon Slot HUD

Another option in settings, this toggles simple and unobtrusive icons of your currently-equipped armor and weapons on the HUD. The obvious benefit here is that you don’t have to check your inventory screen to remember what you have equipped. This is a great “low-impact” way to quickly check the status of your gear without taking your eyes off combat.

pubg terms equipment

This display shows which level of armor you have and it will also inform you of its current damage. Turn these on!


We come to the final of our pubg terms with “fov” or field of view. Using this slider determines how much vision your character has, or how far to each side your character can see. The highest point of the slider will grant the greatest vision, while the lowest will be the most narrow, 90 is the middle point. There are pros and cons to any point in the slider.

pubg terms field of view

At its highest point, you can potentially see characters at the edge of your screen that you otherwise wouldn’t. However, everything will be smaller and more difficult to see as a result.

At its lowest point, everything will appear larger (including enemies). Be careful as this creates a kind of tunnel vision because you can see so little to the sides.

We recommend setting your slider to 90 to start will give you a best-of-both-worlds situation. You can obviously change this to whatever you prefer as you become a more experienced player.

Go get ’em!

This list of pubg terms will arm new players and veterans alike to be more prepared to take on Erangel. Good hunting!

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