PUBG Tips: Six Quick Ways To Improve

We all want that chicken dinner… And sure, you can get better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by practicing your aim or working on duo queue strategies with a friend. But sometimes we just want to be a little bit better – right now! We’ve got six PUBG tips to help you improve and elevate your game, almost no effort required. Check it out!

PUBG Tips: Six Quick Tricks


The first of our PUBG tips, looting. How many times have you been looting a corpse, only to take a little too long dragging that level 2 vest? Suddenly… BAM! ‘You have been killed by Sniper McLuckyshot.’ Never again.

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You probably already know about the H1Z1 / PUBG shuffle: moving side-to-side slightly while your inventory is open to make yourself a tougher target. But a much simpler and just as valuable tactic: The Swap-and-Sprint. Yes, you can sprint at the same time as your inventory is up. The problem is that Steam typically pops its overlay when Shift and Tab are pressed at the same time. Just rebind that sprint key (or the inventory one) and watch in awe as you haul butt while changing into your finest body armor. You’re welcome!


In the next of our PUBG tips, we’ll discuss apparel. Yes, dressing up your PUBG avatar is totally awesome… But if you really want every advantage, try to maintain a dress code within the suggestions that follow. Most of the time it won’t make a difference if you’re wearing rockin’ shades, but there are some serious stylistic no-nos!

FIRST – never add anything to your character that can “stretch” its model – a classic example is a mohawk. Anything that expands the verticality of your hero is particularly bad because it can “clip” through floors and give away your location away to those on the upper levels (particularly if you’re jumping a lot indoors).

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SECOND – try to stick to colors that blend in with PUBG’s earth-toned palette. This means browns, greys, greens, and (surprisingly) dull oranges. These shades will help you fade into the background a little more, especially at a distance. Don’t go full-on samurai red, no matter how tempting it is!

THIRD – this is a small edge, but it’s worth mentioning… Try to keep your character’s fashion as ‘generic’ as possible. The more you look like everyone else, the more opportunities for confusion you create! The classic example is in a 3-way firefight. If you take a hit and get away, your opponent could score a kill and wind up uncertain who they actually took down. Use this to your advantage!

One tip that goes against the grain is to make yourself VERY visible. Why? Well, now players are drawn to you. They’ll see you and take a few shots, then you turn around with your superior skills and take them down! It should be noted, this is for the experienced player who’s looking to tag 10+ enemies in pursuit of that chicken dinner. 



It cannot be said enough: reloading in PUBG kinda sucks! Sometimes – particularly with shotguns or sniper rifles – you’ll line up the perfect shot, pull the trigger, and… nothing. Your character just chambers the weapon. Some speculate that this “reload reset” is a glitch, but it’s likely intentional as it’s in keeping with the game’s realism. And it rewards skill, because you can make sure this “ghost round” phenomenon never happens to you!

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Here’s one of our most important PUBG tips: track your shots. If you’re reloading a completely empty shotgun or sniper rifle, make sure to fire once afterwards to safely chamber a round. If you reload before the weapon is empty, rest assured you’ll still have a round ready. Keep in mind that reloading does make you run slower, so do it behind cover or in the trees where you’re less likely to be caught with your pants down.

After a big shootout and a quick reload, it can be worth expending a first shot to ensure your weapon is ready to go. You’ve already made a bunch of noise and given away your location – one more safety shot might just save your life!


It’s time for more reload-ready sniper tips! How many times have you lined up a killer long-distance shot, fired, and immediately had your view ejected off target and into your reloading animation? Try holding down the fire key. Instead of immediately starting a reload, you’ll stay scoped as long as you hold that button. This trick lets you see where your bullet lands, so you can adjust drop and distance accordingly.

Remember, sniping isn’t about volume of fire – it’s about accuracy! Watching your bullet is like having a spotter, so take full advantage of this feature.


How many times have you been crossing a patch of open ground when shots ring out? You don’t know from where or how far – you just know you’re in danger. So, what do you do? Obviously if you’re in open ground, you either drop prone or make a beeline for the nearest cover. But then what? Now you have, let’s say, a nice haystack between you and your assailant. But you’re still pinned down.

This is where many players err and try to sprint to the next piece of protection. They reason – understandably – that their assailant is following them and working to flank.

Do NOT do this.

Until you know where downrange fire is coming from, do not abandon your current position. Wait. Peek both sides of your cover. Try to bait out another shot and get information. Is the enemy closing in? Are they sniping from range? Unless you know where fire is coming from, the safest place is probably right where you are. Otherwise you run the risk of charging headlong into more bullets!

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Now the final of our PUBG tips… Have you ever shot at someone crossing a field full of bushes, trees, haybales, and other cover? Ever fired at a player entering an unlooted building? Shot at someone in the safe zone, while you’re in the blue? Or tried to take down a target as the only one in your squad or duo? These things happen in every game!

You might be thinking “What’s the issue?” Let me be blunt: if your strategy is to shoot on sight, you’re not going to have a good time. The idea is that you only engage if you are fairly certain about guaranteeing the kill – or the knockdown in squads and duos. If you’re reasonably sure you’re going to end the foe in one short engagement, go for the shot.

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If you don’t get the down, you’re just going to give away your team’s position. Alert your team, shoot together, and move after each few sets of shots, confusing your enemy. A saying I tend to use is “They can’t shoot back if they’re dead.” Keep that in mind when you consider engaging enemies that don’t have vision of you.

Get Out There!

That brings us to the end of our six easy PUBG tips to win more matches. Hopefully these small pieces of advice will add up to your next big edge. What are you waiting for? Drop in and get some of those wins! Want even more tips before you hit the Play button? Take a look at this Top Ten list!

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