PUBG Town Guide #2: Gorgeous Georgopol

Our PUBG town guide heads to Georgy!

In our ongoing town guide series for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we cast our gaze upon expansive, coastal Georgopol! Divided by a river and boasting two bridges, Georgopol acts as a microcosm of the entire island.

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On the north side of the river you have large, densely-packed buildings similar to Yasnaya Polyana or Pochinki. To the south you have buildings with more spacing between them that allows for freedom of movement such as Rozhok or Zharki. And to the east you find containers and warehouses that force a “race to find the guns” much like School or Prison.

To that end, we’ll examine each of these sections individually. They all play very differently, so pay attention if you want to become a lord of Georgopol!

North Georgopol

Comprised of a mass of apartment complexes, northern Georgopol has incredible loot potential from the sheer number of spawn points! The size of this area means you won’t have time to loot everything. You need to choose which section you’ll be pilfering! Fortunately (as mentioned in our introduction town guide) the roads of northern Georgopol create clear lines of division for us.

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In Section 1, you’ll find the most opportunities for looting due to the high concentration of apartment buildings. But this also makes them the most likely to be visited by other players! This area is your highest risk – but also highest reward – drop point. If you’re keen to get into fights early, this is where you want to be!

Section 2 has a reasonable balance of apartment buildings and houses. With apartments to the north and south, you can drop anywhere and still have lots of loot to sort through. The trouble with this area is that you’re sandwiched between sections 1 and 2, and the circle is most likely going to be to your east. You have to pass through section 3 to get there, and you can expect players from section 1 to also be heading that way. Either way, you’re boxed in and there’s a decent chance of unexpected firefights.

Section 3 is closest to the centre of the island and is straightforward to make an escape from. The downside is that it has the lowest building density compared to the other two areas, making your loot potential that much lower. This section is perfect for escaping! The vicinity to the river, the bridge, and the outer roads of the town mean you’ve got good chances of finding a vehicle.

With very different layouts in each section of northern Georgopol, you have lots of choices. If you’re planning on getting to the circle early, Section 3 is where you want to drop. If you’re happy ‘living in the blue’ for a while, Section 1 gives you the best chance of finding healing!

Southern Georgopol

Spacious and open compared to northern Georgy, this area allows for more careful play… But it’s not without its own dangers! Once again the roads create clear lines of division, as well as warding off would-be attackers from crossing.

south georgopol pubg

Section 1 has three rows of buildings and is furthest separated from other sections of town. This does mean a little extra security, and the rows of buildings protect you while looting. But while the open road cushions players from enemies to the north, you should watch the hospital atop the hill to the south. Since the hospital offers some great loot, it will usually be ransacked by one or two players… and as soon as they’re done there, the next closest area is Section 1. This part of town has good vehicle spawns and offers the safest escape route along the coast to the south. The surrounding hills provide excellent cover if you’re in need of a quick getaway! The tradeoff here is fewer high loot buildings, plus the everpresent danger of players at hospital.

Section 2 and 3 are where you’ll find gunfights during the initial drop and for the following few minutes. Due to the close proximity of these areas, players often will hunt down other combatants before fully looting the area. Add in that the only way to the centre of the island is visible from both sections and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of killing! Players landing in Section 2 have those north of them to worry about, but the limited number of buildings also forces northern or south-western movement to continue looting. Going southwest can mean being shot while crossing the open road, and to the north you have the disadvantage of being late to loot these larger, elevated buildings. If you’re dropping in southern Georgy, my recommendation is to go for Section 1 or 3!

Georgopol Containers

If you’ve ever dropped at School or Prison and thought the walls were in the way, containers are for you! They have the same frenzied rush to grab a weapon with the added bonus of making you stand out in the open!

georgopol containers

The area has the most consistent high loot spawns in Georgopol, but that comes at a price. Much like School or Prison, far more people land here than survive – but that’s part of the appeal. It’s possible that the RNG will not favour you. You could spend the first few minutes running from container to container, heart rate increasing with every barren spawn, only to die to someone with Level 3 gear and an AKM. But for many, that’s just part of the fun!

The containers are randomness personified… If you’re keen to place Top 10 consistently, drop elsewhere! But if you crave a cardio workout from your gaming chair, then the Georgopol containers can be worth a visit.

Master this “Mini-Erangel!”

Just like the island of Erangel, Georgopol has a place for every playstyle. The loot-hungry can venture north and stock up, while the conservative stay to the south and grab the bare essentials. And thrill-seekers can happily head to containers to bash each other with pans and praise the RNG gods. Consider your choice carefully the next time you drop! And look out for a new town guide coming next week!

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