PUBG Town Guide #3: Gatka and Glory!

Getting Good at PUBG: Onward to Gatka!

This series might focus on the towns of Erangel, but that doesn’t mean we can forget the little guys! This week, we’re examining one of the smallest communities on the map: Gatka. Of course, it would quickly turn into a critique of the wallpaper if we only looked at the village itself… With this in mind, we’ll be taking a look at the area as a whole!

Regional Overview

There’s one predominant colour on the map of Gatka – green. As you probably guessed, those are fields with the occasional building scattered throughout. If you can comb the whole Gatka area, you’ll actually find loot similar to a medium-sized town… Although you’d have to spend a good bit of time running between these widely-separated buildings!

If you’ve been keeping up with our towns series, you’ll that this area bucks a few trends that have been common in the previous entries. There are no roads dividing Gatka to create clear subregions, though buildings are still split in two horizontal lanes. There are also no roads surrounding the town, or even leading to it. This makes finding a vehicle tricky, but there’s a chance for a one to spawn in the north-east corner of town!

Gatka Breakdown

So what secrets does Gatka actually hold? The northern row of buildings is by far the weakest, with only single-story yellow houses that have awkwardly positioned doors and leave you vulnerable to attack. The potential loot isn’t terrible, but the real downside to searching the north is poor positioning!

pubg drop gatka

The south side of Gatka is home to the only building in town with roof access, and several buildings with two floors. Any of these will give you a much better view of the town as a whole. The large building with roof access is in the south-east corner, but landing here is risky… You’ll have an easy time spotting targets, but unless you find armour and a gun you’ll have to move. This can lead to indecisive plays, where players feel the need to keep returning to the roof to keep track of enemies. Try to remember that they’re in the same position. Your opponents are unlikely to rush you when you have a superior location!!

Further west of this building you’ll find more two-story houses, most with balcony access towards the south. You can take engagements through the windows on the north side and make a quick escape out the back to confuse your foes! The westernmost building is the largest, with a north-facing balcony and large, open rooms for gunfights or fisticuffs. This is another popular drop point, along with the roof-access building to the east.

Expect A Rough Fight!

Since this area is so far from other towns, it’s usually quite easy to notice if anyone else is dropping with you. With this information you can decide whether to stay and fight or divert to one of the surrounding buildings. Should you stay and win the fight, the reasonably central location of Gatka means that even on foot you can usually make it to the next circle – but that still means running through open fields.

pubg gatka towns

The poor loot in Gatka can mean that all parties start out with second or third tier weaponry. This leads to lengthy engagements in the town, and meager rewards. It’s not unusual for the initial firefights to be entirely SMGs and shotguns… Then the victor walks away with little ammo, few healing items, and already-damaged armour!

Gatka Alternatives

If lots of people are dropping at Gatka, you can divert south-east to an arguably better collection of houses around the Gatka Trenches. This area has a similar number of buildings and your loot chances remain roughly the same. However this compound has good access to the surrounding region, so it’s easy to start planning your next move.

pubg map tips

From this compound, there are more buildings to the east and south-west and Gatka to the north. Whichever direction the circle goes, you’ll have a clear next destination! You also have direct access to a road, but all the surrounding areas can be traversed on foot.

Summing Up…

The Gatka area is high risk overall thanks to its long stretches of wide-open fields, poor vehicle spawns, and mediocre loot. In Solos it isn’t the worst place you can drop, but it’s certainly not great. In Duos it’s held back by the limited loot, and in Squads it’s suicide… Anyone suggesting it should be beaten with frying pans! Just like Zharki, this is a place where finding a vehicle is a high priority. You may have to sacrifice looting time to search for one! If you’re certain nobody dropped in Gatka, you can instead scout the surrounding roads for a car and then use that vehicle to make your way to town. It’s better to lose 30 seconds to drop next to a vehicle and drive it over, than to waste 3 minutes running through around trying to find one!

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