PUBG Towns #5: Rampaging through Rozhok!

Master Rozhok and Conquer Central Erangel!

Erangel is full of unique locations, and it takes a different approach to dominate each one! Rozhok is a town that can seem incredibly dangerous at first glance. To the north you have a vast empty expanse, and to the south are School, Apartments, and Water Town. Why on earth would you invite all those threats into your game? Well, it turns out that most of those things aren’t actually an issue… Rozhok is pretty swell! Let’s look at some of the reasons to choose this unlikely spot for your next drop.

First off, Rozhok is just about the most central town on Erangel… And that means you’re in an excellent position for the first circle! Even if you don’t manage to find a vehicle, you should have no problem reaching that first safe zone. More importantly, you’re probably already inside the blue zone – giving you plenty of time to take engagements or find more loot, your choice!

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Reasons for Rozhok

So let’s dispel some concerns about this little paradise. It can be alarming to see 20+ parachutes dropping at the same spot! Of course, you have to realize that the vast majority are heading to School. Of the remainder, a few will turn to Apartments, a few more towards Water Town, and only a couple are typically going to Rozhok. So use your free-look during the descent, and try to track where those fellow Rozhok chutes are landing.

All the survivors headed for School are going to cause a ruckus soon enough, and those twenty will quickly be whittled down to one or two. This is because people landing at School rarely plan to grab gear and bail… They land at School to become the grand victor, the champion, the big cheese – and generally don’t care about much else. Once the winner of School is decided, they tend to move east towards the Apartments rather than Rozhok. Why’s that? The players who landed at Apartments will, nine times out of ten, wind up taking potshots towards School from the rooftops.

So we can pretty much ignore the threats of School and Apartments because they’re going to take care of each other, but what about Water Town? Well, you can actually see most of Water Town from almost anywhere in Rozhok, and an open field separates the two. So long as you’re keeping an eye out, you’re unlikely to be caught off-guard by anyone approaching from there.

Understanding the Town: Loot Efficiently!

So now we know Rozhok isn’t in much danger from the surrounding areas. But what about the people who actually landed with us? This is where your free-look skills can get a workout. Rozhok is a place that seldom forces engagements – unless you want to. This makes it great practice for those Top 20 situations where you know where a few enemies are, and need a strategy for taking them out. Landing in the middle of town is just downright stupid as it leaves you vulnerable to attack from every direction. Instead, it’s safest to pick an edge and work your way in. For this we can split Rozhok into sections.

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These three numbered zones are the elevated areas of town, while the central section is the lowest. This makes them ideal places to drop, as you begin with the high ground and can easily plan your route into the middle.

Section 1 is by far the most appealing in terms of loot, as it’s home to the highest point in Rozhok and boasts the only warehouse in town. This makes it a particularly common drop spot, and you’ll usually find great items here! The only downside is wasted time, due to crossing all the empty spaces between buildings. If you’re wanting good loot early, Section 1 is the perfect place to look.

Alternative Paths to Pwning

Section 2 offers the most versatility in your play. The eastern side of Rozhok is home to just four buildings, none of which are anything special in terms of loot. However, this spot does offer fantastic views of the whole town, plus School and Apartments. If Rozhok itself is looking a bit dicey, dropping in Section 2 allows you to bail towards the east. There’s a small complex in that direction with some solid loot and even a chance for a vehicle spawn! You also have some options for heading into town: you can hug the river to the north and use the bank for cover, or take to the south and follow the road. This latter path is more dangerous to be sure, but quicker to find some action! If you like keeping your options open, consider dropping here.

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Section 3 has the benefit (and detriment) of a road separating it from the rest of Rozhok. This means you’re able to catch pushing enemies in the open, but at some point you’re probably going to have to cross that road yourself. Have a plan for that in mind! The southern part of Rozhok is very safe to loot if you’ve landed here alone, as the buildings here shield you from the dangers to the north. Even better, the large hill to your south keeps you out of sight of anyone at School! Plus the buildings here are tightly packed, meaning you can loot everything in around two minutes. If you’re unlucky, you still have that perilous journey across the road for more loot chances. However if the RNG has been kind you won’t have to move at all, as several of the buildings here have roof access. Section 3 is the best place to take fights with any part of Rozhok!

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Remember: when dropping into Rozhok, make extensive use of free-look to track where your enemies are heading… And land wherever they aren’t! These three sections are great starting points, and any of them are viable drops – so long as you don’t get hasty. Rozhok is a place for slower, strategic engagements. Leave the crazy rushes to the folks who drop at School!

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