Recovering When Tilted

Tips for Regaining Your Cool When Tilted

Everyone should go into a competitive game with a winning mindset and play with a “stay cool” mentality. Unfortunate events can transpire at any time, and sometimes it can be quite demoralizing. So how exactly can you deal with playing tilted?

Keeping a Level Head

The number one thing to remember is to keep your cool. Remember to play the game for improvement, rather than playing for elo. Sure, it’s demoralizing losing LP for a loss that you may not have completely deserved, but there is always something more you could be doing as a player.

In game, you have to realize that if there is anything going wrong, your job should be to mediate. For example, in League of Legends, if two teammates are fighting over a gank that’s gone sour, it’s important to stay unphased and assist in solving the issue while being civil.

Tips for Recovering

It doesn’t always have to be your teammates that are getting tilted. If you’ve been dying in lane for the past few minutes, your jungler isn’t helping, and you’re on the verge of leaving the game etc,  knowing a few tips to cool off would really help out:

Take a Step Back and Breath

Remember that it’s just a game and there’s no reason to get annoyed to an extent where your mindset is impacted for the rest of the day. Be able to step back from the game and take a couple of deep breaths.

Examine What You’re Doing Wrong

Find out exactly what you’re doing wrong so it can be corrected. When you’re extremely tilted, it becomes nearly impossible to play at your best. If you come back to the game after taking a breath, you should be able to play with a more cognitive mind, able to identify that the reason you’ve been dying and apply a solution.

Avoid Blame

If your teammates make a mistake, you have to understand they’re human, and even the best of challenger players make mistakes in their games. Don’t be so curt on judging them, and be able to understand that you are equally capable of making mistakes. There’s no use crying over spilled milk, especially in a ranked game, where you’d have to be with them for a potential half an hour or more. Make it easier on yourself by encouraging or reassuring them. Keep in the back of your head that you can control your own attitude and performance, not your team’s.

Learning Takes Time

Once you can properly get these coping methods down, there shouldn’t be any reason you’d tilt in game. However, it is a learning curve, it’ll take time to become as zen of a player as possible. Tilt really affects your gameplay, and if you feel that you’re not able to play another game, remember to take breaks.

Taking an hour break can really cool off the tension if you’re having a bad game. A reality check that losing a game really doesn’t mean too much will bring you back to earth for your next game.

Start Practicing Now

To summarize, it’s important to develop a sense of apathy towards losing but still care enough to play 100% during every competitive game. Communication with your team and mediating situations are great starts to having a successful ranked game. Remembering to keep your cool and step back for a minute will give you a better mindset throughout the game.

Pro players are able to keep their cool under pressure and the fastest way to develop this skill is to start practicing the right mentality as soon as possible. Sometimes, improving as a player means improving as a person.