Introducing Sensei Connect – Screen Sharing for Gamers. Now in Beta!

Welcome to the Sensei Connect Screen Sharing Beta Release

Sensei™ Connect is Gamer Sensei’s video conferencing software which has been designed to deliver a great coaching experience for both student and Sensei. We are happy to announce that we have now opened Sensei Connect access to all our coaches and students as part of our Beta program.

Here are some of the key features of the software that we believe will improve your lesson experience:


  • One-Click to Join a Lesson – After installing, both the student and sensei can start their lesson in just one click.
  • Familiar Conferencing Features – We support all the familiar features of standard conferencing applications like voice, webcam, text chat, screensharing, and more.
  • Screen Sharing Built for Gaming – Our screen sharing technology delivers lower latencies and higher frame rates for an optimal coaching experience. Hardware-accelerated streaming reduces the impact on your gaming experience while in a lesson.
  • Fast and Easy Setup – Download and install the application in just a few minutes.
  • In-Depth Learning Tools – Sensei can capture still frames of the student’s screen and draw on it to illustrate lessons, and send it over the conference to the student.
  • Windows & Mac Compatible – Sensei Connect and all its features are available to both Mac and Windows users.

How does it work?

To join a lesson with Sensei Connect, navigate to the lesson card on your dashboard. Your lesson card will now show a  Join lesson button starting 24 hours before your lesson begins and for some time after.

From there, the following modal will pop up:

Join Lesson via Sensei Connect
If you have previously installed Sensei Connect, the app will launch, otherwise, click to download the app, and next time you click  Join lesson, Sensei Connect will launch.

Lesson Access via Sensei Connect


Using Sensei Connect

Lesson In Progress via Sensei Connect

We believe that the user interface of Sensei should be easy and straightforward to use.

  • Start Screen Share – Click this to begin sharing your screen with the other members of the conference.
  • Capture – While sharing your screen or viewing the other user’s screen, click this to capture a snapshot of the stream, and open a window where you can draw on the screen and send it over to the other user.
  • Reconnect – If you are experiencing connection problems or other issues, try reconnecting to fix them.
  • Settings – Change the applications settings. You can change aspects of screensharing like frame rate and image quality to tune your experience.
  • End Lesson – Click to end the lesson.
  • Chat – You can chat using the text box in the bottom center of the page.
  • Mute/Video – Click the microphone or camera icons to toggle mic and webcam.

Sensei Connect is in Beta!

While we think Sensei Connect is already an improvment over other Screen Sharing tools, you may still encounter issues. If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know via email at, via Skype at GamerSenseiApp, or reach out to us on Discord!