Sensei Points: Announcement & FAQ

Hey Gamers! Gamer Sensei has been very busy developing and launching a number of new site features over the past few months. Some have been very visible, like our upgraded blog. Others were more subtle, like our lesson extension system. We’ve also been working on some bigger features that we think you’ll like! The first of these is something we call Sensei Points. Here’s our announcement and FAQ for this exciting update!


With Sensei Points, students are able to purchase and spend points for lessons with any Sensei on our service. The more points a student buys, the bigger the discount they receive. Sensei Points can be stored, allowing students to redeem them whenever they’re ready to get coaching, with any coach. Not only do Sensei Points make it easy for students to choose when and how to spend today, they also open the door for us to support new payment options and features in the future!


Questions? See the FAQ below!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are Sensei Points?

Sensei Points are a Virtual Currency. Students purchase bundles of points and redeem them for lessons.  Points are stored between coaching sessions in your Wallet and can be used at any time.


How do I see how many Sensei Points I have?

Your current Sensei Point balance is always displayed in the top right of the Gamer Sensei website, assuming you are signed into your account.


You can also see details of your Sensei Point balance, including your past and pending transaction history, in the new Wallet tab on your profile page!


How do I book lessons with Sensei Points?

Coach booking rates are now displayed in Sensei Points. Simply choose the lesson as you normally would. When you book a lesson, the corresponding amount of points is automatically deducted from your Wallet. If you do not have enough points in your Wallet, the system will prompt you to refill.


How do I buy Sensei Points?

You can add Sensei Points to your account in one of two ways. First, you can buy them directly from your Wallet tab. And if you don’t have enough points when booking a lesson, you’ll automatically be prompted to purchase enough points to continue.


Do I get a discount for buying more Sensei Points?

Yes! The more points you buy, the bigger the discount. One of the reasons we introduced Sensei Points is to make it easier to reward you for using the Gamer Sensei website.


I’m an existing customer & I heard I am getting 500 free Sensei Points. How do I claim them?

Just log in to your account. The balance has already been credited!


Will my currently scheduled lessons on Gamer Sensei change?

Currently existing booked lessons will not be affected by the introduction of Sensei Points. Only newly booked lessons will use the new system. If you would like to convert your previously booked lessons over to Sensei Points, contact


Can I sell, transfer, or cash out Sensei Points?

No. Sensei Points are non-transferrable, non-refundable, do not earn interest, and have no cash value.


Is there anything else to spend Sensei Points on besides lessons?

Not currently, but we are working on several upcoming features that will work with Sensei Points to give students even more value on the site!


Is it possible to get Sensei Points for free?

Yes! Gamer Sensei will offer promotions from time to time that may include free Sensei Points. Additionally, it will be possible to earn free Sensei Points via other activities that will be announced in the future.


So Sensei Points make it easier to add new payment methods. What are they? When are they coming?

It’s too early to announce the specifics, but we’re hoping to support a number of popular global payment methods. We’ll share more as we get closer to release!