SenseiBot Adds Hearthstone Meta Commands to Discord

SenseiBot Adds Hearthstone Meta Commands to Discord

It’s an exciting time for us at Gamer Sensei. Not only did SenseiBot recently exceed one million users on Discord, but we have also recently added new Dota 2 Commands plus tech upgrades to improve performance. We’ve also been busy adding features. Now, we’re happy to announce all-new command support for Hearthstone!

New Hearthstone Commands

Of course, SenseiBot can already be used to look up card information, displaying images embedded in Discord for every currently available card in Hearthstone.

!hs card command output

However, while it’s handy to be able to see a single card when needed, anyone who plays Hearthstone regularly knows that understanding the meta is key to winning more. To help players with their meta-knowledge we enlisted the help of top coaches including Seohyun, Meati, and Litiq.  These expert players provide a meta-analysis of the current best archetypes in the game, then select the ideal deck for each archetype. This process is ongoing, adjusting to shifts in the meta. This means that SenseiBot is always up to date with the best available picks.

Type !hs meta in Discord to see:
!hs meta SenseiBot Discord command outputThis command outputs the top decks currently in the game as selected by our Sensei.

Click one of the number icons under the command to trigger the next command to get specific details about our recommended deck including full decklist, coach tips, and mulligan strategies.

!hs deck Discord command output

Of course, we wouldn’t want to limit you to only decks we’ve picked, so we also added a new command that will allow you to render and share images of any Hearthstone deck using deckstrings. What are deckstrings? They are alphanumeric codes that players use to share decks in Hearthstone. You can cut and paste these codes right into the game, or take them out of the game to share your best deck with your friends. Our new command makes that easy. Simply type !hs deck {deckstring} in any Discord server with SenseiBot installed and we will generate an image of your deck and place it right into chat.

Let us know what you think of the new commands – or anything else esports mastery related when you join our Discord server.

Discord Commands for Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Other Games

SenseiBot also has commands for games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Fortnite with more to come as the bot continues development.

You can find out more about SenseiBot right here.