Slaying in Severny: Towns of Erangel #4

Get the Scoop on Heavenly Severny!

We’ve discussed a few PUBG towns now, from the biggest to the smallest and in between… And for our next installment in the series, we’re examining Zharki’s more popular sibling, Severny! Its location smack in the middle of northern Erangel makes Severny a common drop compared to the competition, Zharki and Kameshki. Let’s get started with a look at how you can claim this seaside paradise – and its sweet loot – for yourself!

Town Overview

With four roads leading in and a lovely beach to the north, transport is rarely an issue when landing here for a seaside holiday. The beach can also spawn several boats if you’ve seen too many parachutes for your liking and want to bail entirely. In additional, all of the surrounding roads have a chance of producing vehicles.

If you want be the sovereign of Severny though, here’s what you need to know. Those aforementioned streets do a good job of dividing up the town, and their width increases the danger for anyone crossing. You’ll want to pick your initial landing location carefully! While the road cuts Severny in half, it’s also split once more by the church in eastern part of town. The church is enclosed by a wall, and its surroundings are some of the most open spaces around. This makes moving from north to south a perilous affair, on par with crossing the road from east to west.

Splitting Severny

Let’s start with a look at the subsections of town, and the advantages of each.

The western side (#1 on the map) has a modest number of buildings, but some have great loot potential. In addition, several offer second-story vantage points, from which you can keep an eye on in other sections of town. Unfortunately, the structures with the best potential loot are also closest to the road – and, therefore, to other players. And the more you venture away from the street, the smaller the buildings and the more awkward their layout, with picket fences and waist-high walls to traverse.

These difficulties can put off a lot of players, leaving you free to loot the whole section… But you’ll need to be cautious for enemies fleeing from the east! If you do find yourself under pressure, that same awkward layout makes it quite easy to evade enemies and sneak out to the west, over the hills and far away.

Looting Up North

The north section of Severny (#2 on the map) gives you the best chance of getting fulling geared. It has the largest number of lootable structures, including the diner – one of the most item-heavy buildings in the entire game! However, the building density here creates lots of tight corners and alleyways, much like the containers at Georgopol. This makes you vulnerable to weapons like SMGs and shotguns, so loot with care and check your corners!

The north, despite being the most dangerous area to drop, also offers the best chances of escape via the beach. Even if you don’t actually find a boat there, you can use the slope of the beach to get out of view. The surrounding complexes (recently buffed in a patch) can make becoming a scavenger not the death-sentence it once was, especially if you’ve managed to nab a vehicle on your way out. Follow the coastal roads east or west and you’ll find Zharki and Kameshki, and if the flight path has taken you over Severny, there’s a good chance neither of them have been looted yet. It will cost you about one minute of your time in travelling to them, but it’s better than losing the RNG lottery in Severny.

Stay Safe Down South

The south (#3 on the map) has fewer buildings and therefore fewer opportunities to loot – but allows you to take engagements at your own pace. The houses here are more spread out, so even if someone does land near you, you can probably spot them before they’re in your face with a shotgun. The pickings are slimmer here, but you’ll still end up with something you can use in a fight.

In fact, the lack of places to loot can actually work to your advantage! It means you’ll be moving north while everyone up there is still looting… And you’ll be the first to reach the half-way point of the church, where you’ll find more loot and an elevated vantage point. With the majority of players clashing in the northern section of town, there are big benefits to seizing the high ground ahead of schedule!

severny pubg tactics tips

Information is king in PUBG, so snagging this position means a serious advantage… You’ll know the location of any enemies, what gear they’re carrying, where they’ve come from, and where they’re going! Even if you’ve only found a Micro Uzi, you’ll know to push close. If you’ve been lucky enough to snag an assault rifle, you can set up an ambush along their loot route!

Severny is like many other towns of Erangel: it has several different areas to suit the playstyle you choose! Its smaller size makes it an inferior drop for squads of four – you can’t expect to get fully geared. It simply doesn’t have the number of loot spawns for that to consistently happen. For Solos or Duos you’ll be fine, just don’t expect to walk away with solid Level 3 armour!

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