Spring Referral Contest

Spring is finally here and to celebrate Gamer Sensei is running a new student referral contest!

Want to earn free lessons on Gamer Sensei? How about some extra cash on top of the site credit? Sound good? Here’s how it works:

To enter, just use your unique referral code found in your Gamer Sensei profile and send it to people you think might enjoy Gamer Sensei. The top 10 entrants with the highest score at the end of May will get 10% of any paid purchases made by new students they referred during the contest in cash, but that’s not all. 

  • 1st place will win $100
  • 2nd place wins $50
  • 3rd place wins $25
  • All entrants in the top ten get the 10% bonus!

All of this is on top of the existing rewards you earn from our referral system.

The break down for the score calculation is pretty simple: Contestants earn 1 point for every new account registration made with their referral link and 25 points when the newly referred student takes their first paid lesson. You will also earn 1 point for every dollar the students you referred spend.

As an added bonus, while participating in this contest you will still be earning normal credit in your Gamer Sensei account wallet for each referral. So not only do you have a chance to win some cash by making the top 10 - you will also have credit towards coaching hours in your account wallet once it’s all over!

The normal referral rewards system gives you the chance to make up to $41 in credit from a single referral. The breakdown of the normal referral rewards can be found on the referral page of your account dashboard, just beneath your unique URL.

Good Luck!

*Referral Contest is open to all registered Gamer Sensei users with an account in good standing. Referral score calculated based on referral activity through 5/31/2018. To count towards your score referral accounts must be valid unique new users. Entries with fake or fraudulent email addresses or accounts will be disqualified. Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of Gamer Sensei on 6/15/2018 and will be notified via email. Cash Prize winners will be paid via PayPal or with an equivalent eCommerce gift card. Program void where prohibited.