Play Like a Grandmaster

Tips and Tactics to Achieve Grandmaster

Grandmasters use a variety of tactics to achieve victory in Overwatch, here are just a few tips to help you play like a pro.

The Basics: Using Callouts

Calling Cooldowns

“Go in with Matrix on left”, “Winston Jump Lucio force boop, Genji go in with nanoblade after”  “Dva matrix our Genji while he blades.”

Cooldowns allow your teammates to position and plan properly. The #1 difference between a Master and a Grandmaster is the ability to use cooldowns effectively. If you can tell your teammates how they can use their cooldowns to help you then that’s a huge bonus.

Far Spawns/Close Spawns

“Mcree is coming back from spawn late, everyone else is near, it’s worth it to chase”

Grandmaster players will push spawns so that the next fight is a 6v5. They are always looking for the advantage in numbers where they can get it.

Calling Out Enemy Ults

“They have Beat, 50% to visor, 80 on grav” “They will use Grav next, kill Zarya first” “Save Trance for Grav and HighNoon for valk”

It’s very important to keep your team informed of enemy actions to avoid a possible wipe. A well-placed graviton and blade combo can easily wipe your team on a 2cp map. If you communicate well and play around the enemy team, they won’t be able to reap a major toll on you.


Ult Managment

“Next fight nano-visor, If they Valk we will high noon.” 

Managing the ultimate economy wins fights without excessively using ultimates on your team’s end. An example of excessive use would be using Highnoon for 1 person, or Riptire and Genji blade for a Graviton Combo.


“Run dive comp, our goal here is to jump the backline//counter dive when they jump us.”

“Alright everyone we’re going to go through the alley, make a mental note on who is top cafe. We will wait in the alley for a second, make them think we are going dumpster than we go main and dive whoever was on cafe as they rotate over to the dumpster.”


Grandmaster players will swap the composition of their team to play around the enemy’s team. If you see Mangachu on the enemy team, you will go, Widow, Mercy, Zen, Soldier, and McRee to kill him.

Grandmaster players identify the carry and know how to hard focus. “Deny the carry”, equates to a win.


Resetting a Fight allows for faster regrouping and doesn’t give the enemy time to stall or snowball.

Overwatch League/Contender Level:

Damage Zones

Most commonly known as holding a choke point. Damage zones can be used to take ground even when you don’t need it and hold ground when you’re running down the clock. For example, take Lijiang Control Center, there are plenty of choke points. The choke points are very easily seen by every team, even tier 3 teams. A well coordinated team must know how to abuse is Damage Zones. Damage zones are the areas where you use heavy fire to prevent the enemy team from coming through.

A choke point is a straightforward 1:1 high damage zone. Damage zones should be set up to have 3:1 at maximum. These are Angle-to-Target ratios. This allows you to force the enemy team into an exposed position without exposing yourself or your team. By abusing damage zones you are able to get picks behind shield, set up huge high noon plays etc.

The most common example of abusing damage zones is throwing a Dva bomb behind the enemy Reinhardt, than earth-shattering when he turns to block the Dva bomb. This is a prime example of a 2:1 ATT ratio.

Abusing APM

Korean teams play Overwatch based on max potential APM (Actions Per Minute), also called a cooldown in Overwatch. When an enemy has used a cooldown there should be an immediate reaction; because of this always keep in mind that even the smallest cooldowns can be abused.

Lucio’s amp is something I personally abused on OWLMP, a team that was later signed to the Detroit Renegades. The most commonly abused cooldowns are bubble, Ana-nade, helix, dash, recall, hook matrix and sleep. Team composition will have an effect on which cooldowns can be utilized for the greatest effect.