The Basics of Combat

Combating Combatants Combatively

Fortnite has very quickly become one of the most popular battle royale games out there. In game we are able to make cover which we can abuse defensively and offensively. Cover in this game is crucial. However there are other factors that we will explore such as strafing, third person peeking, First-Shot-Accuracy shooting and using edits in combat.

The Basics

Utilizing Cover

Cover is the most basic mechanic in game and absolutely necessary. The ability to build cover is critical. Whenever you are in a fight, make sure to find cover, or better yet, make some. By covering yourself, you eliminate possible angles that the enemy can shoot at you.

Cover is not just important during a fight but after one as well. People will go towards the sound of a gunshot and wait for an elimination to happen so they can get an easy kill while the team who won isn’t at 100% health. This is a viable and common strategy to win fights. Building cover prevents you from being jumped.

I tell my students is to “Always consider where you can be shot from” as you can’t account for every enemy.


Strafing is the second concept we will go over. Crouch spamming and moving back and forth to strafe is something that everyone should do. This makes it very hard for the enemy to track your head and is especially useful if you are unable to build cover.

Using ADAD and crouch puts you in an advantageous position as it makes you a harder target than if you stood still. Strafing while you are being shot makes you less predictable. It is a LOT harder to hit a moving target, than one standing still. Always strafe.

Visual Advantages

Third-Person Peeking

Third-person peeking is another combat tip you should use. I’m going to group this into a sightline advantage. When you are unsure where the enemy is you can safely look for him behind cover by shifting your aim. This lets you see past corners without exposing yourself completely.

This is effective as in combat every shot matters. If the enemy is standing still, waiting or even healing, you can quickly exit your cover and already have your crosshair on him. If he doesn’t know your location you can seize the element of surprise for the first shot advantage.

Edit Peeking

Edit peeking is a technique that allows you to see through walls. Being able to see through walls enables tracking your opponent or peeking at a location without being open to fire. This is possible by using the edit menu and selecting boxes.

Edit peeking is valuable in combat and allows you to view the enemy after you’ve boxed yourself in. This way you don’t unknowingly run into the enemy the moment you exit your 1×1. Seeing where the enemy is without exposing yourself is a great advantage in combat.

You can also edit your build to quickly get a shot off if they are unaware and then reset the build.

Mechanical Tricks

First Shot Accuracy

First Shot Accuracy, or FSA, in Fortnite, is critical. There are many things that can influence the outcome of a fight and the best way to mitigate these is by getting the first hit. To leverage FSA, wait behind a ramp for your target to peek while you target the area they will peek from. The moment you uncrouch, shoot at the pre-targeted area. If you did it right, your shot will connect with the enemy.

Proper FSA means you don’t have to deal with the risks of being exposed for too long since it is all done in one quick motion. Remember to not repeatedly peek from the same position. The enemy will catch on and might show you their own FSA skill. You can also use the third person trick mentioned above in the visual section to see where your enemy is to position your FSA.


Editing is huge in Fortnite and the average player does not utilize it enough. By using a window you are able to shoot through a wall that you normally couldn’t. You can place the wall, edit, shoot, reset and run. As your enemy breaks the second wall you can simply place another or build a ramp etc.

In combat, if you engage in a fight for high ground and find that the opponent is too high, box yourself in. Edit out, and then double ramp vertically so they are unable to shoot you or the ramp that supports you. The ramp above takes the hits and you don’t.

If you’re fighting someone on equal ground or are higher than them, you can edit your way to the middle of the base as they peek and use the window technique from the middle of the base to get an easy shot off at the enemy.

The amount of possibilities that comes with edits is amazing and it lets you truly outplay the opponent.

Learning how to manipulate the mechanics of Fortnite pays off in a big way.