The Importance of Building

Building to Aid in Combat and Survival

Building in Fortnite is crucial for staying alive during the early, mid, and late game points in the game.


Having a healthy material count between 300 (bare minimum) to capped is ideal at any stage of the game. Running anything under that will put you in a position where you may take unnecessary amounts of damage and worse case scenario; die.

One efficient way of negating damage that most people don’t consider during a shotgun fight is to constantly be dropping walls or ramps after every shot. This ensures that the trade is always in your favor.

A Common Mistake

There should never be a time, especially in a game like Fortnite, where you aren’t building and taking an unnecessary blind aim duel. There may even be times where you have a point-blank shot on someone that isn’t looking directly at you and you might tell yourself, “Why not pop a couple shots into them and then worry about building afterward”.

Most people typically do this because they’re convinced that no one is watching them watch this other person. In reality, you’re setting yourself up to be an easy target yourself or get pinched.

It’s best to simply take the time to build at least a small one by one to provide some form of cover from potential people that may be trying to put some shots into you. Not to mention having that early set of building may give you the advantage if the player you’re shooting at happens to be good and their first instinct is to automatically build to shield themselves followed up with them trying to engage on you.

Combat Building

Through building, your rates of survival will not only go up, but your effectiveness to transfer that to combat building will as well.

Combat building is utilizing your materials to not only secure kills, but give you the upper hand in build fights. Ideally, you’d want to engage in a build fight when you’re comfortably sitting with around 500 materials.

Sometimes that much is not required. Towards the later phases of the game, it’s almost a necessity to be sitting somewhere around that number.

Double Up

Using your materials with double stairs and double walls underneath them to push enemies will always give you better results than simply trying to use double ramps to push an opponent.

This is an effective technique that many players, including myself, use to be aggressive.

It is highly recommended that players practice this useful technique as it is one of the most effective ways of pushing in Fortnite.

The importance of this technique is that the walls provide another layer for your opponents to have to shoot at to knock down your structures.

If they take the time to do break your walls they may become overwhelmed with the fact that you’re still pushing them; potentially giving up the high ground that they once had.

A Technique That Continues to be Innovated

This alongside other techniques that players are still innovating allow you to gain the upper hand in fights that wouldn’t be obtainable without building, so it’s best to find what works for you through building to always be coming out on top in these engagements.

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