The Importance of Tempo

Keeping the Enemy On Their Toes With Tempo

Tempo is the ability to keep the enemy on their back heels as you push at them.

In traditional sports, this is called “momentum” and the terms are interchangeable.

Some of the key factors you can capitalize on are when the enemy is split, when you have ultimates, and utilizing ultimates in a correct rotation in correlation to the enemy ultimate economy.

This creates a monopoly in your favor in terms of ultimates and of players that are available to contribute in a team fight. You can also play around enemy cooldowns being misused and play around healers not being protected to create tempo.

Capitalize On Splitting the Enemy

Being split is a terrible mistake that any team can make. If you are split, or in front of a shield, you’re an easy target.

Not even the best pros can avoid three people hard rushing them while they’re alone consistently.

The best course of action to punish this mistake is to simply rush the person who is isolated.

If there are four people flanking and only a zen mercy on cart, you can hard rush the healers. Call these things out and you’ll be able to win so many more fights.

Being split allows for a 6-vs-1 to occur. This then turns the next fight into a 6-v-5 after the 6-v-1.

Not Using Correct Ultimate Rotation Will Cost Tempo

Using trance for the incorrect reason, such as a fight where no ultimates were used is a prime example.

Same goes for using Hanzo ultimate without graviton. There’s plenty of combos that should only be used in rotation.

Using ultimates incorrectly is a bigger mistake than not positioning correctly. It makes the last minute of gameplay essentially useless; as the game in its current meta relies on combos and successful ultimate abilities.

The more ultimates you use incorrectly the easier it is to lose the game.

The more ultimates that you do use correctly, however, the easier it will be to win.

For example, if the enemy zen just used trance, you should graviton instead of shatter because the shatter can be used for when the zen has trance.

This allows the rest of the team to build ultimates off of the graviton which will lead to more ultimates that will lead to more fights won.


Misuse of Cooldowns

Another heavy thing is that you must make their characters useless.

A Rein with no shield is just walking ultimate charge. A Zarya with no bubbles 0r energy is a walking ult charge. Same with a Roadhog with no abilities.

Capitalizing off of abilities that the enemy team misuses is huge.

Here’s an example for Rein’s shield:

If you have a shield and the enemy isn’t breaking it, just play your own shield and completely break theirs. There’s nothing that the enemy team can do once the shield is broken.

There is no reason for you to die if you are playing your shield and they are not.

When you have a shield, they can’t touch you. If they’re not focusing your shield, they won’t be able to do any damage.

This equation can be applied to many other characters and abilities. Create a scenario based on what you would do if there were cooldowns you could capitalize on.

Do not disappoint Pink Mercy


Not Having Protected Healers

Even in pro play, it’s just second nature to go for the supports.

The supports usually protect each other; however, when they don’t, it’s very easy for a Tracer to run up onto them and get an easy kill.

Supports without protection are sitting ducks. Sure a Lucio or a Mercy may be hard to kill as Tracer, however, a Zen that’s not protected is going to die vs a good Tracer.

Once the Tracer gets a kill they are able to then combo ultimates such as Hanzo graviton. Or even just graviton as they won’t have a transcendence to heal through the ultimate ability.

Supports need to be protected. So if you see that a Zen is flanking or a Lucio is out of position, rush them.

Rush the Zen with your speedboost as a team, or send a flanker for him.

This is an easy kill and can lead to a won fight as they won’t have discords, harmony, or transcendence.

Killing the healers is one of the best ways to get tempo as you will have heals advantage.