Top Ten PUBG Tips You Need to Know

Can’t get enough of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Pretty much the entire world is addicted… But because PUBG is still technically in Beta (unbelievable, right?) the game is full of confusing mechanics – as well as outright glitches! Here are the top ten PUBG tips every serious player needs to get an edge on the competition and win those chicken dinners.

#10: Free Fall Impossible

Want to guarantee you reach the battleground as fast as possible? Don’t particularly care where you land? Believe it or not, it’s impossible to splat after deplaning. If your objective is to hit landfall as soon as possible (and snatch that shotgun a little faster), feel free to ignore your ripcord. You won’t have as much control over where you start on the map, but your parachute will auto deploy at the last second – giving you a few extra seconds head start on the competition.

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#9: Going HUDless

In intense firefights, sometimes your team mates will RIP a bit too soon. And even worse is that their death markers can block your shots, particularly for distance sniping. Thankfully, a quick press of CTRL+U will disable the entire HUD display, giving you a clear field of vision for that Kar98 kill. Just remember to toggle the UI back on or you’ll be guessing at critical info like your health!

#8: Double Jumps

Can’t wait for the vaulting update? (Check out the timetable for its release here.) Don’t worry, the holy grail of secret PUBG tips will make your life 100x easier! By pressing jump and crouch near-simultaneously you can achieve a slightly higher vertical jump. Try binding crouch to C to make this a little easier.

Why does this matter? Crouch jumping can get you to some hard-to-reach places via unintended routes; the classic example being jumping through windows with tight timing. But more advanced uses of this technique exist: for example, you can reach the roof of the school by crouch jumping onto an open door, then from the door to the roof!

#7: Look Ma, No Hands

Body armour does just that in PUBG: it armours bodies. This means the entire torso of a character is protected while they are wearing it. However arms and legs are not protected, and are in fact armourless. Once an enemy has Level 3 body armour, you can actually do more damage (with certain weapons) by shooting their arms and legs instead.

The effect is sometimes marginal, but there are instances where needing one less hit is the difference between life and death. What sounds better, six M416 shots to kill or five? Because a Level 3 armoured enemy can take six to the chest… or you could shoot their tiny toes five times and come out the victor!

#6: Rolling Cover

Taking fire while near a car? You can use PUBG’s vehicle physics to safely inch to cover. Tap to enter the vehicle, drive it slightly forward, and then immediately tap again to exit the vehicle. This gives you mobile cover from the vehicle, inching your character towards safety.

pubg pro strats

Is the fire coming from the same side of the car your character is on? Remember you can hit CTRL plus a number key to switch to the corresponding seat in your car (CTRL+1 is the driver, CTRL+2 is the front passenger, etc.) to exit from the opposite side. This can save your life by keeping the car between you and snipers!

#5: Code Blue

Don’t be scared of the blue! Most players, particularly those new to PUBG, are terrified of staying in the exclusion zone. But there’s no exploding heads (a la the original Battle Royale), just a constant tick of damage that intensifies as the match goes on. This means that in the early game it’s actually safe to hang out a bit in the blue while other players rush for safety. Later in a match, hugging the edge of the zone is a tried-and-true strategy to earn your first chicken dinner.

No big secret, right? An easy way to rack up some bonus kills is to camp outside the zone and tank the damage while others flee. Just make sure you have a health pack or two, and be patient to see who runs for it. This is particularly effective when you’ve been in an inconclusive gun-fight that resulted in both combatants fleeing, but you think your assailant is still close.

#4: Holy Hand Grenade

Sneaking up to a building and you just know there are enemies in there? Finally, time to show off those tossing skills… but who doesn’t recognize the clear thud of a grenade landing beside them and flee for cover? A recent update means that players must manually prime grenades before throwing and you have five seconds before it explodes in your hand.

‘Cooking’ the grenade – waiting several seconds before tossing – reduces the enemy’s time to react and makes them far more likely to die to the explosion!

#3: Spidey Senses

Tired of getting shot and not knowing where your assailant is shooting from? PUBG actually gives a number of auditory queues which can help you pinpoint your opponent. You probably already know that bullets whir or whiz if you are being shot at off-target. You also know bullets thud or chunk as they get close to hitting you.

pubg zeroing distance

What you may not know is that there is an audio delay between the sound of the gunshot itself and the sound of its effect (just like real life!), and these effects can tell you the distance of your attacker. If you hear the gunshot before the impact, the assailant is close (<100 meters). If you hear the gunshot and impact simultaneously, the opponent is at mid-range (<250 meters). If the gunshot comes after the accuracy effect, your opponent is sniping (250 meters+). Use this information to figure out the distance you’re taking fire from and seek cover or engage accordingly!

#2: Super Sonic

Want to cover open ground just a bit faster? Time to start doping! Slamming either two painkillers, two energy drinks, or one of each will give you a temporary speed boost. It can be useful to proc this effect intentionally – particularly if you’re in the last few combatants remaining or trying to escape the blue circle on foot. Remember, you often have lots of supplies – take every advantage you can get to claim that chicken!

If you need to go even faster, you can holster your weapon (usually the ‘X’ key) for another small speed boost. Go crazy: combine holstered, stim-boosted sprinting with crouch jumps like this is the Matrix jumps.

#1: Airstrike Ahoy

This last of our PUBG tips seems ridiculous, but it’s actually incredibly useful. In PUBG, many of the best sniper locations are on the roofs or balconies of structures. There’s typically no way to approach without going through the building itself. This makes these locations highly defensible, particularly in squad play where all the usual firing angles can be covered… Or so you might think. Believe it or not, you can jump cars with enough speed to land on the rooftops of lots of structures. This allows for some pretty epic aerial flanks, not to mention the ability to outright squish unsuspecting campers!

pubg car jump

Every spot on the PUBG map is a little bit different, but you’re going to need a few things:

  1. A speed over 100 km/hour,
  2. a ramp or hill so you can get airborne and
  3. absolute fearlessness!

A reliable place to practice this tactic is at Villa. Approach from the mountainous side and aim to be traveling at about ~100 kph. Remember you can disembark in midair, so even if you overshoot the jump you can still execute a badass drop attack. Bonus points if you use the frying pan for serious style!

That brings us to the end of our Top Ten PUBG Tips for serious players. As you can tell, there’s enormous depth to this game – try experimenting for yourself. There are still plenty of secrets to be discovered!

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