Advanced Tracer Blinks: Tricks for Temple of Anubis

Mobility is one of the most important factors in Overwatch… If you can’t reach a target, you probably can’t engage on them! Tracer has an extraordinary ability to cause mayhem and harass her targets, but she does possess a few limitations… However, these can be circumvented with advanced Blinks to reach unusual areas! Check out my guide to Tracer here to get an initial feel for the hero, since she’s the very definition of a glass cannon! Here’s a video to illustrate the map jumps I’ll be discussing in this article, if you need more guidance.



One of Tracer’s biggest issues is limited vertical mobility, since you can only Blink horizontally. However, you can get creative by Blinking across gaps to reach high places most other heroes can’t. These are locations that enemies will never expect a Tracer to be! One particular map offers a lot of opportunities to use these ‘Blink Tricks’: Temple of Anubis. Many of these are easier than you might think, but there are a few tricky spots that will require practice to use consistently. If this article stimulates your imagination, I can show you more advanced Blink tricks in a private coaching session!


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Advanced Blinks: First Point


Map Jump


Here’s a diagram of the first point, with useful Blink locations marked. You can use these to prepare an ambush or contest areas that are difficult for other heroes to control. Starting off at the left side high ground (point A), you can double Blink across to the right side high ground (point B) to contest pesky snipers hiding there.


From point B, you can triple Blink to two ledges across the map: points C and D. Point D (as well as E next to it) is a useful spot to hide when defending the map! This is a good ambush point if you know which route the enemy team is going to take, as you don’t expose yourself to too much danger.


Point C, on the other hand, is a tiny little ledge that you don’t have much room to move on. However, it can be used as a platform to reach top of the front gate (point G) where snipers love to perch and Pharah typically hovers. To get from the ledge at C to G is a tricky maneuver. Jump to the right so you can see the ledge, then instantly Blink twice towards the right wall. That should land you where the arrow ends at G!


Ambush Tactics… Using Advanced Blinks




From G you can double Blink across to this floating ship near the attacking team spawn. Be careful to avoid the big statue of Anubis, and try to aim slightly to the side of the ship as the front nose can block you! The usefulness of this spot is very situational, as you’ll be too high in the air to effectively shoot anything on the ground. However, it’s a fantastic ambush point if you can get there undetected: almost no one expects an enemy on that ship! Try to time your attack for when when the front line moves up, leaving the squishy back line exposed. Alternately, wait for an enemy to park themselves on G and you’re a quick double Blink from the back of their head!




If you can’t easily get to point B safely, another option is to head for the second floor of the building (point F) and make a single Blink to point E. From there, you can make a tough jump to D that will require that you jump from the very edge. Once at D, you can triple Blink all the way to B or use the same method described earlier to reach the top of the gate at G!


If you’re around C, D, or E and notice the enemy team taking the left flank (where the Mega Health Pack is), you can Blink all the way across the opening on the top and drop down from above! This is far better for Tracer than following through the closed, cramped hallway. In fact, if you’re at the mini ledge (point C), you can double Blink from the middle of the ledge and land perfectly on top of the wall. This lets you shoot from above while you decide whether to go in or jump back to safety!




Advanced Blinks: Second Point




The second point of Anubis has several spots that all start by jumping on the pillar at point A. It takes a couple easy jumps, and once there you have two primary options. One jump away is the platform at point B, which can be a great spot to ambush the attacking team… especially if you can get there unnoticed, since it doesn’t require any blinks.


There’s another useful maneuver too. Starting from the pillar at A, Blink across to the pillar at C. It’s a bit tough, but it’s very possible to land consistently with practice. Run to the edge, Blink once at the apex of your jump, and stop moving so you don’t run over the far edge. From there, it’s an easy jump to point D where you’ll have sight of point E across the pathway. It takes three Blinks to reach E, which is a nice little spot where you can hide on defense. From here it’s only a tiny jump to contest the top of the entrance at point F, where snipers gather.


Blink Away!

Remember to be careful when you try to use these Blinks! Most are best applied in between fights, when you can set up an opportune position for yourself. Avoid these in the middle of engagements, as enemies can easily pick you off while you’re playing the platform minigame. Also, keep in mind Tracer’s effective range! Many of these spots are high in the air, so your damage will not be nearly as effective against targets below. These are best suited to setting up ambushes and quickly taking down important enemies.


Hopefully this guide helps you set up a crucial kill or two in your next Temple of Anubis match. I’m happy to help new students master Tracer and learn more ways to use Blinks across the whole map pool! Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for my article on tracking enemy Ultimates next week!


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