Two Days until the NRG Recruitment Finals!

It’s almost time! On Sunday, Gamer Sensei’s top coaches are competing to become the newest member of NRG, alongside pros like Amnesiac and Amaz! We’ve stripped away all the fluff – below is all the info you need to watch the action and win over $500 in prizes!

What’s happening? The tournament finals to determine which Gamer Sensei coach will become the newest member of NRG!
Where? The Gamer Sensei channel
When? This Sunday, December 11th, starting @ 5:30 PM EST

Who’s casting? Amnesiac & ThatsAdmirable!
Who’s competing: Some of Gamer Sensei’s most talented coaches! Check out the full list below!

What can I win? Over $500 in total prizes, including free lessons and credits!
How do I enter to win? Head to this link to enter our first sweepstakes – then watch the event live for a second chance to win! We’ll be awarding prizes to randomly chosen stream viewers!
Other details?: The tournament format is best of three games with one ban. The catch? Amnesiac will be interviewing every player post-game to assess their decision-making skills and pro-level mastery!

Can these guys coach me?
ABSOLUTELY! Everyone involved in the tournament coaches on Gamer Sensei, so book your lessons here:

Check out the below image for the tournament brackets, and can’t wait to see you all Sunday at 5:30 PM EST!

Tournament Bracket