Understanding Runes Reforged: Preseason 101!

With the release of patch 7.22, League of Legends’ new Runes Reforged system is live! In a huge change, Riot has decided to combine runes and masteries together. All 60 runes are completely free and, perhaps most notably, rune pages can now be edited during champion selection. The updated system lets you forge your path based on your favorite playstyle. You can also adapt to the challenges presented by your team composition, as well as that of the enemy!


Runes Reforged: What You Need to Know!

The system takes a little explanation… Out of the five paths, you pick one as your primary. From this path, you get to choose one of three powerful “keystones” and three additional runes. Then you can choose a secondary path from among the remaining trees – you can’t get a keystone here, but you get another two runes. That makes five in total, with which you can augment the playstyle of any champ.

lol runes reforged

In this article, we’ll try to summarize the good, the bad, and the questionable runes from the Precision and Domination Paths. Hopefully our analysis will shed some light on the myriad options in Runes Reforged, and help you decide which keystones and runes to use. Let’s begin!

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Precision Path Overview

Good for: Auto-attack heavy champions, ADCs, some junglers, some duelists…

Best Keystone: Press the Attack

Precision offers good tools if you fancy sustained damage.

If you’re using the Precision Path as your primary, “Press the Attack” outshines the other options by a large margin. The sheer amount of stats and effectiveness make it a must-pick, at least for now. In a nutshell, your basic attacks apply a debuff that lasts three seconds. If you hit the debuffed target three times, you deal additional adaptive (physical or magical) damage that scales to your level. Most notably, when the passive procs you also make the target “Vulnerable” for the next six seconds. This causes them to take 12% increased damage from all sources, making them an easy focus target in a teamfight!

5-Second Rune Summary

In the Precision Path, the most obviously powerful runes are “Triumph,” “Legend: Alacrity” or “Legend: Bloodline,” “Coup de Grace” and “Cut Down.”


Precision Runes

In the Heroism slot, Triumph stands out as a very strong choice. Restoring 15 percent of your missing health is substantial at all stages of the game, which is important since games tend to snowball more in the current patch. This metagame is also full of takedowns, so you’ll be able to take full advantage of the gold passive!


In the Legend slot, marksmen, other ADCs, and Tryndamere players should take Bloodline as it grants lifesteal. Free stats, yay!

Some bruisers should opt for the Tenacity rune, especially duelists like Riven or Fiora since they already have an innate defensive kit. The only thing that bothers them is crowd control. Lifesteal does nothing if you are stunned or otherwise incapacitated, so Tenacity has some value instead.


In general, Coup De Grace is the best choice for the Combat Slot. The other runes are situational, and the execute damage is perfect for eliminating squishy targets with champions like Evelynn, Jhin, or Graves.

On the other hand, Cut Down is powerful when you’re against a tanky team. If the meta shifts that direction, there will definitely be opportunities to make good use of this mastery.

Finally, Last Stand is viable for a few niche picks such as Trynda, Kayle, and Karthus (the rune works with Karthus’ passive).


Domination Path Overview

Good for: Burst mages, assassins, some duelists, ganking junglers…

Best Keystones: Electrocute, Predator

Domination is the go-to tree for champs who want to snowball early and roam heavily.

Electrocute, the bread and butter of the Domination Path. This Keystone is pretty much the rebirth of Thunderlord’s Decree – on steroids. It offers a good amount of damage, and fits well on champions that throw lots of abilities and could use a bit of extra burst. Picks like Zed, Diana, and Akali will use this well!


Predator is a great choice for most stealth champions and some assassins such as Talon, Evelynn, and Shaco. The burst of move speed from this Keystone is great for chasing down squishy targets! This makes it perfect for all sorts of champions that want to dive the backline, like Hecarim.

5-Second Rune Summary

The rune slots depend to some extent on the Keystone you’ve chosen. But to put it briefly, the best Domination runes to snowball with are “Sudden Impact,” “Cheap Shot,” “Relentless Hunter,” and “Zombie Ward.”


Domination Runes

Cheap Shot is great for junglers who want to gank like crazy after picking up red buff. It’s also a strong choice for any champ with slow or other crowd control built into their kit.


Sudden Impact helps you burst your enemies down after using a gap closer – this is among the most impactful runes on champions like Kha’zix, Katarina, Talon, Evelynn, Shaco, Lee, Xin, J4, Rengar, and Jax. If you have any sort of applicable skill, then this is a good choice in the Domination tree!


This might seem low-impact, but vision really wins games! This rune is stronger than it first appears, since Zombie Wards have 1100 unit sight range and last for 180 seconds. They also don’t count against your ward limit, so that’s free map control to avoid enemy ganks or set up your own! One important detail – enemies can see your Zombie Ward and easily kill it, as it has just 1 health. In addition, your own wards will summon a Zombie Ward when they run out. Great for when you’re trying to control the enemy jungler!


The Hunter Slot isn’t especially exciting, but Relentless Hunter stands out for enabling faster roaming. If you’re picking the Domination Path, it’s definitely one of the better runes!


Reforge Your Playstyle!

That’s all for this first entry in the Preseason 101 series! There’s so much that’s changed in League of Legends – the possibilities are limitless! In the next article, we’ll dive into the runes and Keystones of the Sorcery, Inspiration, and Resolve Paths. Thanks for reading!

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