Unique Ping System Or What Makes Apex Legends So Fun?

There is no way we could say that Apex Legends is a mediocre battle royale game. It is a real innovation with a completely new experience, and that’s what makes it fun!

We all know what the idea of a classic battle royale is – a huge crowd of players is thrown to the map with no ammo or weapon. Having to compete with each other, players start looking for guns and supplies that can help them survive and remain the last player on the battlefield. Often this turns out to be a not too exciting, but rather lonely experience.

How is Apex Legends different? Unlike the rest games of this genre, it is not played solo! This is probably one of the most fun parts. Here, players are randomly divided into groups of three. This way, you have to interact with other players during each match, and in this article, we are going to tell you about the unique way of communication offered in this game.

Ping System

It is wise to assume that the game that requires teamwork would also require having a mic for communication with other users. However, Respawn has gone further and introduced an innovative ping system that implies non-verbal communication. This means you don’t need to have a microphone to stay in touch with your team or to have fun during the game.

While this game seems to have so many benefits, we believe that its ping system is exactly what makes us love it so much. It turns communication with other players into an exciting game. Besides, it is very helpful and super easy to use! See more about TOP 10 Apex Legends Players

Here is how it works: one user pings something and his allies automatically receive a flag. What is even better, this system is context-sensitive, and there are plenty of ways of how it can be used. Here are a few examples of its effective use:

  • Choosing a landing area: one user offers a destination, and the rest of the squad agree on that spot by pinging it.
  • Gear: if you find a weapon or other gear that you don’t need, ping it to let your teammates know where it is located, and maybe they will find it useful.
  • Location: if you are planning to relocate, use the ping system to tell your allies where you are heading.
  • Enemies: this is probably the best way to use it! If you saw an enemy nearby, ping him to let your squad know his location.

As you see, it can really come in handy! With the ping system, you will play as a real team, share ideas and helpful clues, and stay on the same wavelength with your teammates. Not to mention how much fun this is!