Win from the Champion Select in League of Legends – Part 4

Early Game Composition

You can find part 3 here.

As the title suggests, this is an Early Game Comp and you always play not only vs the opponents, but vs time. It appears to be the strongest, judging from the table of interactions, but it is a high risk and high reward comp by nature. Even a small mistake can cost the game. You need to be proactive and aggressive, but also intelligent in your decision making.

Winning Conditions: Early – Mid
This composition’s strengths and power spikes rely on early dominance.

Some Examples of champion picks for the Engages Comp are (patch 8.23):

Essential Elements:
Skirmish, Initiation, Crowd Control, Mobility, Lane Bullying, Burst Damage

  1. Top Renekton, Aatrox, Darius
  2. Jungle Xin Zhao, Graves, Lee sin
  3. Mid Lucian, LeBlanc, Heimer
  4. Bottom Draven, Jhin, Ziggs
  5. Support Pyke, Blitzcrank, Sona You got your list of objectives and you must hit those as fast as you can. You need to dictate the tempo, avoid mistakes and finish the game by the twenty-five or the thirty minute mark by the latest. Your jungler should prioritize either invading or ganging the lanes – never powerfarm.

One of your biggest challenges is balancing your focus to capitalize while watching efficient recall times and therefore resetting the scene. Your macro is limited to a shorter time frame than all the other comps, so mistakes are much more punishing; that’s why it would be fair to say that even though this is one of the easiest comps to play, it’s one of the hardest to master.

Especially in a solo queue environment where the common player would often respect and follow their urges more often than victory itself.

To Win Early Game with this Comp: Go Full Force

Use any of the tools at your disposal. Lane Bullying, skirmishing, and even trapping can be used quite effectively if there is a strong indication that one of their members will soon be at a specific place. Take control and leave them no space to breath or catch up, but don’t underestimate the opponent; retreat and reset when the environment is too hostile and dangerous

Even small victories can create a moment for a big one. Kills are important, but forcing them back is also beneficial, so you can then create a CS lead and damage their tower. If you instead chase for kills you are taking a higher than intending risk, if it goes 1 for 1 it’s an unfavorable trade.

A common alteration is starting to split push if the game is over twenty-five minutes and you can’t match them in a straight fight. Then, you must take high risks to finish the game ASAP.

One of the situational alterations that this comp might bring in the near future is lane swapping. With the turret plating gold being quite high, your laners can be matched equally by their opponent and can’t easily bully them. If you pick a Ziggs for bottom and swap the bot with the top, you might have a better chance at securing the early gold lead that you need to escalate the game in your favor.

Things you should avoid:

  • The most common mistake when playing this comp is overcommitting, because of the time pressure to make something happen. Overcommitting can ruin everything.
  • Disrespect their early strengths. Just because you play an Early Comp, doesn’t mean that you can always bully and destroy the enemies. Do the “math” and decide to either attempt to cripple their strong component or expose and exploit their week one.
  • Don’t get complacent and waste time “playing with your food”. Your Intentions are clear, so focus on your objectives (Towers are more Important than Drakes) continuously to meet your “deadlines”.

With a scale 1 to 5, with 1 being completely countered and with 5 being the absolute counter against, let’s see the table below.

Interaction with other Comps at a Glance:

Engages2.5Execution/Skill - based
Wombo Combo3.5Advantage
Poke2.5Execution/Skill - based
Split Push2Minor Disadvantage

When playing Early Comp vs Engages, you need to be smart about picking your fights. It comes down to respecting their early game strong points; possibly focus on their weak link and build on that. Create favorable opportunities for skirmishes non stop, and then initiate when there is an opening.

As we transition into mid game, you want to escalate and it is acceptable to take higher risks. Don’t invest too much time to minor objectives –  your Macro should be focused around their base.

When playing Early Comp vs Wombo Combo, you know that you are stronger possibly in every lane; take advantage of that to the maximum, especially before their 6 lvl power spike. Your goal is to be so far ahead that even if they successfully combo and kill 1-2 members of your team, the rest can clear and keep on pushing. Never underestimate their team fight power and their out-scale potential; you might need to try Split pushing when you are in the mid game to minimize their team fight strength. You must destroy at least one inhibitor by twenty-five minutes, or you risk losing the control of the game completely.

When playing Early Comp vs Poke, their early strength can often match yours, so identify and plan your early macro, be merciless, and camp your stronger lanes.  Always attempt to assassinate them before they poke you; you must have strong initiators and be decisive. The first tower is an important priority. It might be better take high risks before it goes into the mid game, where time will start working in their favor. If by mid game you are ahead, you need to close the game efficiently. If you are even or behind, you need to consciously go for High risk – High reward plays; if it goes beyond thirty minutes, you’ve lost the game.

When playing Early Comp vs Protect, bully their lanes. For the jungler there are two ways to go about it; you either focus their carry so that it will stay behind, as that might give you more time to finish the game, or you can focus one their weakest solo laner to get the first tower and escalate the game through that.

The clock is ticking, so you need to increase your aggression and your risk taking, before the enemies reach their power spikes. If they do, it might be too late; your only chance then is split push, but even that probably isn’t enough. Be aware of that and pick your fights in the mid game at the very latest, before the carry has three items completed.

When playing Early Comp vs Split Push, it’s more of a skilled based matchup from the Micro to Macro. The reason split push has the edge is that a mistake is far more punishing for the early comp while both teams have strong fighters that can potentially carry the game.

If you go even in the first fifteen minutes, they can start to taking over the game, so it is essential that you exploit your early lane’s bullying ability to get a CS lead and push the towers, while creating kill opportunities. As we transition into mid, you might want to start setting some traps around baron; having a number advantage and taking an early baron can help you snowball and finish the game within your deadlines.

Team Compositions Are Complex

But with this handy series of guides, we make it easier for you to rise to the top and beat the competition. Stay tuned for the next installment of Win from the Champion Select: League of Legends!

This series was made in collaboration with Semper Solus.