Win from the Champion Select in League of Legends – Part 5

Protect > Funneling Composition

You can find part 4 here.

This is a glass cannon carry with an army of shields, buffs, and peeling. When you are building a Death Star, make sure to watch out your exhaust ports, because a “design flaw” in a given teamfight might cost you the game. This comp excels in mid/late game 5v5 team fights, so in general, you approach either defensibly or passively, avoiding taking risks.

As the game progresses and your hypercarry has at least three items, you can start grouping and either stabilize or go forward. It can be played with two carries or one carry and a control/support mage mid.

Winning Conditions: Mid – Late
The Comp’s strengths and power spikes are Mid and Late after you start grouping and sieging.

Some examples of champion picks for the engages comp are (patch 8.23):

Essential Elements:
Teamfight, Disengage, Crowd Control, Mobility, Freeze Lane

  1. Top – Maokai,Tahm, Ornn
  2. Jungle – Ivern, Kindred, Gragas
  3. Mid – Galio, Oriana, Zilean
  4. Bottom – Kog’Maw, Xaya, Jinx
  5. Support – Braum, Lulu, Tari

The first primary goal is to reach mid game with your carry, which should have its three items power spike. The solo laners are often weaker than their lane opponents, and their priority is to stay as relative as possible, sacrificing CS and pressure in the early voluntarily is the safest way to get into the mid game without many casualties.

The jungler has to help the solo lanes with warding and only ganging them in obvious scenarios while focusing on babysitting the bot lane. This is important because it lets the ADC get kills and tower gold, or they at least have a safe lane. That also gives you Drake control, which is a great objective; when you can claim them safely. They will help you ease your transition into your power spikes.

In your early mid game, start grouping; it is either your chance to shine, or take back the control of the game. If you are behind you are still strong under siege, as it is extremely dangerous for the enemies to dive you, be patient until your carry is strong enough for you to start claiming objectives.

If you are even or ahead, plan your macro and proceed methodically to one objective after the other. It is important to recall together, respecting their enemies assassin or pick up potential while also resetting efficiently to then proceed again as a group, without wasting time. Individual members shouldn’t roam alone; instead all should stay in one quarter of the map, to be able to group fast. Always ward pro-actively before commiting to a certain area.

Things you should avoid:

  • Taking risks early.
  • From the start of the mid game avoid splitting, as you are much more vulnerable when not grouped. Send the laners to clear the waves, but the rest of the players should stay close and not push.
  • Rushing the game; under most circumstances you outscale them and there is no need to get cocky, follow your agenda with patience.
  • Your teamfight is strong but under conditions, you often lack the initiation power; therefore you want them to engage on you. In order to create that environment you need to focus the major objectives and make them react.

With a scale 1 to 5, with 1 being completely countered and with 5 being the absolute counter against, let’s see the table below.

Interaction with other Comps at a Glance:

Wombo Combo2Minor Disadvantage
Early Game1.5Disadvantage
Split Push2Minor Disadvantage

When playing Protect vs Engages, you stick to your plan, warding properly so that the lanes can farm. Be aware of their skirmish strength and avoid them, accept that there will be casualties, but as long as you remain relative in gold (especially the carry), you will eventually be able to win the game by outscaling them. Getting into the mid game, play around your utility – don’t be greedy. Just stabilize the game and plan your Macro; if they split, don’t get baited. Force them to follow you by focusing a Major objective. Time works in your favor, so stay grouped, respect their pick up potential, and it should be an easy victory.

When playing Protect vs Wombo Combo, if you can be aggressive (particularly) on bottom lane, you can set up a lead into the mid game and that is vital. The top laner can always TP bot early to secure a good outcome of a fight, which can lead to first tower and/or drake.

Note that it will be advantageous to have some form of initiation, to punish when they are out of position, so consider that during the champion select. They are great at teamfight and so are you, so it’s all about the positioning; if they get access to your carry, the fight is over.

Understand there will be a lot of dancing around from both sides and be patient. You’re able to outplay them here because they are relatively predictable and linear, so contemplate about the ways they can engage and prepare accordingly. Group and be aware of their flanking potential, and sacrifice some objectives if it is too risky to fight for them.

When playing Protect vs Poke, it’s important to have a good initiator on your composition, so if you identify poke elements to your opponents draft, a pick like Maokai fits great into your comp. It will enable you to pull the trigger instead of relying on reacting, which is really hard vs the Poke. Respect their early game strengths and sacrifice some CS or objectives instead of taking high risks to claim them, because if they get a big lead it will be a big problem during the mid game.

They are still stronger during the mid game, even if they are not far ahead, and you are being outranged, therefore it’s challenging to start a fight, but you must try. Be decisive, pick the right moments to be aggressive, and take some risks before they poke you down.

When playing Protect Comp vs Early, defensive vision is your top priority. Surviving the lane phase with a deficit is expectable and manageable when you keep the pace of the game as slow as possible. Try to be relative and trade objectives; you might lose a lot (an example will be three towers and a Drake by 12:40) and then need to play extremely defensive and carefully for 10-15 minutes. Group, and as long as you survive that, your teamfight ability will give you the edge. For them it is hard to dive you there, so they will split. Don’t lose multiple objectives while defending one; if you got the numbers advantage, engage.

When playing Protect Comp vs Split Push, as with vs the Poke, having a form of initiation is crucial. If both teams avoid teamfights, they will win an easy game. You should deviate from babysitting the bottom and instead help the solo laners survive, but most importantly, slow down the scaling of their split pushers.

Choosing where to focus and where to respond will decide the outcome of the game. Since you have the superior teamfight, always identify the most important objectives to either bait a fight there, or claim the objective, trading it with something of a less importance.

Be aware of the waves; if, for example, you choose to concentrate around Baron, don’t be fooled and wait there while they have a split pusher with a big wave. Be decisive – either go for the baron, engage on them, or go back and reset the minion waves.

Wasting time is the most common mistake vs a split comp.

Team Compositions Are Complex

But with this handy series of guides, we make it easier for you to rise to the top and beat the competition. Stay tuned for the next installment of Win from the Champion Select: League of Legends!

This series was made in collaboration with Semper Solus.