Witchwood: The 5 Most Exciting Cards Released So Far!

The Best Hearthstone Witchwood Cards So Far

With only a few reveals left before Witchwood arrives, here are the five most exciting cards released so far. To me, the most exciting cards have interesting mechanics or the potential to shake up the game. Let’s get into it!

5 – Chameleos

While Chameleos isn’t likely to find its way into a competitive deck, I’m a huge fan of card design like this. Information is very powerful and this card can create a lot of unique scenarios in the game.

If Chameleos does find a place into a deck, it would have to be a value-oriented priest deck. There are two possible variants: Either a value-priest style focused on beating warlocks and their Void Lords or, you go a different direction by creating more minions with cards like Elise the Trailblazer.

4 – Blackhowl Gunspire

This one is very difficult to judge. The main thing to note is that it deals three damage to a random enemy which could create some cool effects in a whirlwind, or even more aggressive build of the old tempo warrior archetype.

With this card and the other Rush effects, it may finally be possible to move away from the pirate archetype and become more based on trading with the Gunspire shooting minions and opponent’s hero. Again it’s not the strongest card in the set, but I think it has a lot of deckbuilding potential and I’m a fan of the card’s design.

3 – Witchwood Grizzly

At first glance, this card doesn’t seem too impressive but it’s actually very powerful. This Neutral super taunt single-handedly puts a stop to the nightmare of aggro decks. A card with a huge disadvantage against control decks and advantage against aggressive decks is exactly what Sludge Belcher should have been.

While it’s not confirmed yet whether Grizzly gets damaged or loses max health when played, it looks very strong and can fit into a lot of different archetypes with no trouble at all!


This is one of my favorite cards announced so far. The strength of the coin in Hearthstone is incredible. I’ll always remain hopeful that we’ll one day see the return of Malygos Rogue. It’s one of my old friends, and this card might make me give it another shot!

A natural fit into the Miracle rogue archetype as well; which will be one of the decks fighting off the warlocks with their strength throughout the new expansion.

1 – Boku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane

First place is a tie between Genn and Baku. Their Odd and Even-Cost effects will create archetypes on their own. While very basic right now, I’m excited we’re seeing this introduced to Hearthstone.

There are already theories over what Odd-cost Quest/Control warrior would look like and we’ve even seen a quarter of the cards.

While Genn’s effect might not look the strongest out of the gate, I’m confident someone will find the right place to put it in!

Exciting New Releases

Overall I’m very excited for the new set. I can’t wait to test the new cards as soon as they are released. We still have to wait a little longer until we know the official release date of Witchwood. I’m sure we’ll hear it soon enough!

Thank you for reading, let me know what your favorite cards of the new set are on twitter @hscoached!

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